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  1. After several emailing Hermes and eventually being told the would no longer converse, I emailed the CEO again and they have now decided to collect the parcel.
  2. Can’t find them on social media and can’t write to them as I not allowed to go out unnecessarily, I was out for medical reasons when I managed to get the parcel.
  3. New here and got a problem with Hermes. I had a calling card left at my shop (closed due to virus) that a parcel had been left at the only shop left on the row that’s open. I never give consent for parcels to be left anywhere. The shop accepted it in good faith. I eventually managed to retrieve the parcel, after some persuasion from the car outside the shop (shielding due to underlying health conditions) As soon as the parcel was placed in the car I knew it wasn’t mine. The parcel has come from The Netherlands and has an address label, an NL post label and a Hermes label
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