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  1. I’ll definitely be speaking to my pension administrators on Monday The issue about them stating I was overpaid from 4 years ago has been/ is ongoing. My assumption is that as they’ve not managed to sort it out to date they would have to seek recompense via the legal route if they chose, as I won’t be employed so they couldn’t claw back from my salary. They also know that I won’t hesitate to go down the legal route myself if I feel necessary, and surely they would have to tell me if they were going to claim money back?
  2. I’m 57 so have been entitled to take early retirement since I was 55 under LA rules They couldn’t force me to be re engaged on a different contract if I chose not to be, so therefore I opted for early retirement. Its much cheaper for them to let me go and employ someone on a new contract as I’m paid more than the other workers ( length of service, different terms and conditions etc). I also believe that I’m a thorn in their side as not backwards in fighting my corner or escalating issues
  3. I was given notice as per my contract and notified them in writing that I would take early retirement rather than be re engaged, so my finish date is the same and I remain employed until that date
  4. I was dismissed off my contract with automatic re engagement on a new contract . I chose not to accept re engagement and put in for early retirement
  5. No TUPE transfer, just management wanting to change things - every new manager that comes in wants to ‘ sort our team out’, and they all eventually leave after not achieving their aim. There are only 2 workers left from the original team of 7 And our contracts are different to the new people in terms of pay and conditions ( a whole different other issue). Im In contact with my pension provider , just waiting to finalise it. Yes they’ve agreed early retirement- they dismissed me off my contract as I wouldn’t agree to the change in terms/ conditions, and I decided that I did not want to be re engaged so said I would take early retirement. This is in writing
  6. No Union as 4 years ago they were next to useless and didn’t fight our corner and had to go down the legal route to get it sorted. I keep notes about everything said Theyve agreed early retirement and I’ve got 4 weeks left at work I didn’t know I hadn’t worked the required shifts as I had been given extra work to undertake during the day and these hours counted towards my hours worked. ( My usual shifts are evenings/ weekends) Workers swop shifts with each other but if there’s a shift not covered then a worker is paid to cover an extra shift
  7. Individual workers swop shifts continuously. so shifts were covered by paying someone to do an extra shift all verbal meetings with no minutes - I’ve asked for them and been told it’s all informal chats im not disputing what they’re saying re underworked shifts now it’s been brought to my attention and I’ve looked at their figures. I just want it sorted , however do believe that it should have been addressed by management at the time who had a responsibility for the rota can they stop me receiving my pension if they believe I owe them shifts/ money?
  8. From the figures they’ve given to me it would appear that there are underworked shifts, although I wasn’t aware of this at the time. Shifts are swopped , covered by working extra shifts if staff shortages, and hours are also worked for training, attending meetings etc. Yes they’re saying that I haven’t worked what I’ve been contractually paid for. This has been ongoing for 8 months and doesn’t seem to be moving anywhere fast. ive worked out the cost is around £7k.
  9. Ok sorry as this is going to be a bit long winded. New manager started in 2019 and has looked at rotas going back to 2016 and states that I haven’t worked the required number of shifts for the previous 3 years. She is also querying the time taken for training and off rota hours. The rota is complicated to explain and has worked the same ever since I started 17 years ago. It was always managed by the team manager however this post was made redundant, and team members then managed the rota with a senior manager overseeing the team, until they decided to reinstate the manager post. 4 years ago I had a dispute with my employer due to changes in terms and conditions which went through legal channels until settlement was reached in my favour. At end of 2019 a new senior manager decided that she wanted to change certain parts of my contract ( this only effected 2 members of the team - me and another member who are paid differently to rest of team due to our contracts). We were told that if we didn’t agree that we would be dismissed and re engaged on new contracts. This will have a financial impact. We didn’t agree and duly were given notice. As I’m 57 and am eligible for early retirement I decided that I didn’t want to be re engaged. This is due to some extent with family and health issues ( been diagnosed with skin cancer, and have had a relapse of depression and anxiety). I therefore wrote to the senior manager in reply to her letter stating that I didn’t want to be re engaged and would be seeking early retirement which she accepted. ( Work are not aware of my health issues ). I have 5 weeks left of my notice period. Today I’ve received an email from my manager relating again to the shifts that she states I have underworked, wanting to have a discussion with me so that I can formally respond so that they can consider what, if any further action is necessary. I have previously said that if there was an issue then I would have expected management at the time to have raised it and dealt with it. I was not contracted, paid or trained to run the rota. This whole situation is making me very stressed- my GP already wants to sign me off work. I just want to work my notice and leave and also don’t want to leave my co workers in the lurch if I go off sick. My job is highly stressful enough as it is. Can they go back years? Can they stop me taking my pension? I should say that I’m a key worker and having to go into situations that place me at risk which doesn’t help the stress. Any advice please
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