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  1. I’ve sent one to Green Flag but not received an acknowledgment, is this ok or should I request acknowledgment? As for the 3rd party company (FAM engineering) I cant find an email address (I would 100% appreciate it if somebody else tried to find one). Instead I’ve used their online contact system, is this suitable for a SAR or should I post a letter to them instead.
  2. Advice needed again: I tried sending the SAR via email to Green flag but couldn’t find their email address. So I called them and asked for an email address (I specified it was for a SAR but didn’t give any personal details). the email address given need in @directlinegroup.co.uk after I send the email, I received an instant reply as follows: ‘This is an unmonitored inbox and your email has been removed. If your email was in reply to one of our emails, please ensure that you do not amend the subject line. You will need to refer to your original point of contact
  3. I will try as it is free and ‘may’ help. Green flag has issued their final response, and upon questioning, their main evidence was a signed document that alleges I knew about the brake fluid leak. I am 100% accurate and KNOW that this is not the case and IF it is in the documents it HAS been added afterwards.
  4. Should I address the SAR to Greenflag, the recovery agency they sent out (FAM) or to 1 each to both. Also is it best to start a new email conversation to request, or to reply to their existing email requesting a SAR.
  5. Hi the company is Greenflag. They have agreed to send the document, so do I still need to send the SAR. They have advised I appeal through the Financial Ombudsmen Service.
  6. Hello, it’s my first time posting on here so please bear with me. Last Sunday my vehicle (Van) broke down and I called a well known breakdown company to recover it. They sent a 3rd party recovery company out for me ,the issues with my van was that the fan belt had snapped. When the recovery agent arrived, we began to load my vehicle onto his truck backwards. As he was doing this he states, his tow strap as become stuck in the rear offside. I didn’t think much of this. He then bought the vehicle to my address where he unloaded the vehicle. Shortly after he went, I
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