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  1. I’m not using them as an excuse just explaining what was going through my head when I have 2 babies that need 2x everything and I’m on furlough just struggling a bit. Just wanted to give an insight is all not an excuse. I feel dreadful I really do
  2. Thankyou for your quick response. I know it was totally stupid and I’ve caused myself so much anxiety it’s unreal. He escorted me to a full to pay and then sent me on my way. He didn’t take my details but there is working CCTV should I just hand myself in?
  3. Completely stupid I know but I have twins and money is tight. I attempted to leave the store without paying for £30 worth of items. I was caught and paid for the items straight away in a panic. He then escorted me out of the entrance, what happens now? Will he contact the police? Can I be prosecuted now I’ve paid for the items?
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