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  1. Quick update, I've initiated Court Proceedings through the Irish Small Claims court system. It's still currently being reviewed. Parcel2Go did reply to my letter of claim with a auto-mated looking email: My Parcel2Go claims page has since been updated 4 times rotating between "Pending Courier" and "We have requested further information directly from courier, we will let you know once they have replied to our request.". I am hopefully seeing the end approaching now but good lord this has been an absolutely horrible experience. I'm still shocked it's even had
  2. Thank you for the advice! I will keep you updated on how it goes!
  3. Thanks for the detailed response! A lot to take in! First thing is first, I contacted the purchaser and told him I would refund him later once I get home as this has gone on too long. At the very least that's one load off of my mind. Secondly, I did pay extra for "protection" from Parcel2Go. I listed the contents value of "€400". In my claim page, they have the contents value of "€400" and parcel protection of "€400". I have attached a picture of the enquiry details from Parcel2Go. The option on the website itself is "Yes, I would like to protect my €400.00 parcel again
  4. Hi Folks, Just discovered this forum! I know it's .co.uk but I'm from Ireland and seeking some advice/assistance. This has been a nightmare for me. This has been my first time using Parcel2Go and I really wish I researched them beforehand. On 15th April I shipped €400 worth of PC parts to Dublin using next day delivery from Ireland. I paid extra for full protection and next day delivery. Long story short, Nightline have lost the package and confirmed to me over the phone that the package is lost and has been checked in both Limerick and Dublin depots and marked as lo
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