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  1. Definitely make a written complaint to both the council and the estate agents for your record. Also obtain a quote from a proper plumber and provide as an alternative with your complaint.
  2. Hi, I need some advice on some unpleasant situation I am encountering with Right Choice Insurance Brokers for my car insurance policy. I have 1 year of NCB and had a minor no fault incident, however my NCB pack mentions no incidents or claims Firstly I was charged £95 even before the policy had started for non disclosure of a no fault incident. I have 1 year of NCB and had a minor no fault incident, however my NCB pack mentions no incidents or claims. Additionally I attached a screenshot of the third party website (Gocompare) from where I purchased the policy which would not allow me to proceed with the application in case I wished to disclose my incident as it required a minimum claim amount of £50. On discussing this with my previous insurers, I was advised that the claim amount is nil as there is no claim, which is exactly what I had disclosed on my policy. When I discussed this with a Right Choice Insurance executive, I was advised that regardless of that I would be charged a £95 fee for non disclosure. This conversation took place roughly 2 weeks before the policy would be effective and when I asked for cancellation, I was advised that there would be a penalty of £60. The advice that I have received from Citizens advice bureau is that if one wishes to cancel the policy before the policy starts, the premium is refunded in full. I sent an email in this regard to appeal against it but have not received any response on this. Later on the 14th working day and 18th calender day into the policy, I received a notice of another amendment charge of £245 for incorrect license date. I am unaware how they have obtained the incorrect date mentioned on their notice email as there was no field to add date of the license on the third party website. I had mentioned my licence no. and was under the impression that the date of issue of license would be implicit. The only field mentioned was to disclose the no. of years for which the license has been held. I had mentioned 3 years (rounded up) when it was 2 years and 9 months. There was no place to add no. of months on the website. Having said that, when I requested for cancellation, I was told that charges for all the amendments would also be deducted and was given a quote of £230 refund when I am just 2 days into my policy which costed £830. However, I feel that if one cancels the policy then there is no amendment taking place then why would someone pay for an amendment which is not being exercised in case we cancel the policy. I am also unsure whether the 14 day cooling off period is for 14 working days or 14 calender days. I feel I am being harassed with unclear guidance strategically provided to be able to extort money out of unsuspecting customers. Any advice in this regard would be hugely appreciated. Thanks
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