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  1. Initially submitted by MCOL but returned as I signed rather than wife. Asked to resubmit with her signature by post. CPR being posted tomorrow.
  2. Here is defence i have to resubmit as I signed form not my wife who is registered keeper. I was the driver at the time but all correspondence has been to my wife who is registered keeper. Defence The claimant claims that my vehicle stopped in Bristol airport to pick up/ drop off in a restricted zone. My vehicle was however stopped at a zebra crossing in Bristol airport whilst some pedestrians crossed in front of the vehicle on The zebra crossing. The claimant in their claim against me has even provided photographic evidence tha
  3. Yes went on MCOL and said defend all. Have submitted brief defence stating had stopped at zebra crossing with people crossing. Name of the Claimant : Claimants Solicitors: ELMS legal limited Date of issue – 04/03/21 Date for AOS - already submitted defence Date to submit Defence submitted What is the claim for : 1.The Claim is for breach of contract for breaching the terms and conditions set on private land. 2.The defendants vehicle xxxxx was identified in the Bristol Airport on the 21/0
  4. I thought they had given up but unfortunately I have now received a county court claim form. I have defended the claim via the website and sent a CPR 31 letter as per the template. I would think I have a good defence as my car is stopped at a zebra crossing with pedestrians on it. However I am concerned as I wont have time to file a full defence with witness statements etc should it come to that. is it likely/ possible for VCS/ Elms to pull out of the process at this stage?
  5. I thought I would reply something like this: Dear Simple Simon, if someone had looked at the images they would have noticed that the car was stopped at a peculiar road marking this is commonly known as a zebra crossing. Further study will also demonstrate that Clearly there are pedestrians crossing the zebra crossing at which the car is stopped. Hitting and killing the pedestrians is illegal. Stopping at the crossing is mandatory not illegal. I don’t know what planet you come from but this one it is a universally recognised road marking and if you decide to
  6. Many Thanks for the advice Yesterday I received the letter before claim. Time for the snotty letter? Do I address to VCS or Simple Simon himself? letter also contained a reply form asking name and address with a box to dispute the debt. Should I fill that in or just send snotty letter?
  7. very Similar thread to Hellabubba Bristol airport. Stopped at zebra crossing as people crossing. Passenger got out. Zapped and sent PCN Photo supplied shows people crossing in front of car and very difficult to see potentially someone getting out as taken from distance. Also VCS camera car tried to entrap me at same visit by stopping in front of my car as I drove out of airport to encourage me to stop so a member of my family who was on pavement would jump in as I stopped! I was aware and waved them away! as per previous threads do II still wait
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