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  1. I think I could have fought for a bit more, but overall I am satisfied with the result given circumstances. Taking a lesson from this, its likely that both sides lose during mediation, although I think they haven't expected I will be prepared to go as far as I went, which is a consolation in itself. Thank you so much for all the help you've provided during this process, especially the cold hard truths and wake-up calls on some of the issues.
  2. I can refute the points which are related to (A): Anything they sent in the letter, (B): Their claims that I did not communicate further after their letter. Anything related to the phonecalls, I cannot prove in terms of content, only dates and times - could you tell me whether those are admissable as evidence? As far as I know, the hearing fee is £80, which I'm ok with paying. It works out better to me to try and win the £900 and risk £80 + £60 for the case and hearing fees than to discontinue the case. In terms of risk factors: Looking at their defence
  3. Hello again, I have realised something interesting... They are fabricating evidence! The letter they have sent on the 11 of March 2020 (the one I have actually received) - directs me to get a quote and pass it onto the warranty company or to them so they can decide. They letter they have attached as an Appendix to the defence says they want the car returned for inspection. How bad is this and how do I prove this to the court? Best I will send the scans of both letters later today
  4. I have just received the Directions Questionnaire for the Small Claims Track and a Notice of Proposed Allocation to the Small Claims Track. Could you kindly have a look at my previous message and comment on some of my questions? Generally I'm really confused as to what happens now and what kind of things I need to send where. I believe I need to fill in the Directions Questionnaire and send it both to court and Forton Motors? Also, whether based on the evidence I have and don't have, there is a point of taking this to hearing? Your input would be g
  5. #5: I have not, I received the defence yesterday and have been working on making counterclaims to their points. Not sure what SAR is #6: I know the garage: - "J HOWARD MOT CENTRE, REAR OF 2 ALEXANDRA ROAD, SKERTON, LANCASTER, LA1 2DE" It seems to be independent however I was unable to find their companies house entry for some reason... I am unaware whether that is their default garage. The last 2 tests performed on the vehicle were from that garage. One fail, one pass on the same day (22/01/2020). #9: All I have are the phone
  6. I received them in a paper form but I don't have a scanner myself and the scans I made of these are done on a very old scanner that my partner has let me use. I could try later today at my workplace if its crucial to get them in PDFs
  7. Unfortunately that's as best as I can get them. They're scans but the documents I've received from them were already in such format.
  8. Hello again, On 11/06/2020, they have filed Acknowledgment of Service and today I received their defense in mail, which is a rather confusing one. Here's my take on what they said in each point: Point #10: I have informed Forton Motors that the light has come on and that I have taken the vehicle to a local garage, which provided me with a fault code - which I gave them during the telephone conversation. Point #12 / #13 / #14 / #15: At this point they already had the fault code provided to them via telephone. This was the day I took the car to a mechanic, who advised me
  9. All done! Thank you very much again! I intend to click off the claim on 25th (given they don't respond to the letter by then). Is there anything I should keep in mind once I do that? I believe they have 14 days to respond with a defence but I'm uncertain on the order of things happening should they do so.
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