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  1. Thanks for your dude. So it is a filterable offence if i am charged for 1 offence that i was stopped for the others only as TIC? And thus would be acceptable accordingly with box1 for filtering?
  2. Thanks for your responce. I will post the mitigation details on here shortly as i dont have access to the document at this momment in time. Based on the information and that the conviction will become spent with a fine i have found conflicting information. As shown in the attachment it states that any spent or unspent convictions will both show on standard dbs checks are you able to identify the reason that this conviction would only be identified on the enhanced dbs check once spent?
  3. Thanks for your message. Its good to hear that it wont appear on both the basic and standard dbs checks once spent i was initially told that it would only not show on a basic dbs once spent but this is untrue? So both section 17 (1) and 23 as quoted are only for a strict liability offence and not fraud or dishonesty? Is it just the act of not having a valid pass that they have decided to prosecute under and thus strict liability as apose to any other potential charges? Yes i am thinking of writing a follow up letter to them. Though it would be hard to summon what i could say that is of any particular influence to the prosecution other than the facts i have already mentioned and showing i have turned a corner showing extreme remorse and as you mentioned evidence i have since been using tfl services in my name since. So evidence of purchase etc.. In regards to the other offences i have signed and confirmed that i was responsible for the missuse in my recent plea letter i sent them for all the other TICs (prior to the latest reply) The new letter just schedules me with a rearranged court date with emphasis on the laws im being charged for. I have been informed that i must attend the magistrates court. I have also spoken to a solicitor who recently said the best thing i can do is attend court and show remorse though i still hoping theres some sort of way out of the conviction... Please reply I appreciate your time and help sincerely.
  4. Hello Guys, I recently made a stupid mistake to use a plus 60 oyster. I am in my 20s and am scared it will have grave implications on my career. I was stopped by an OC towards the end of 2019 and was told to wait for a letter. I admitted to using the oyster card over 40 times in the space of 2 months and have entered a guilty plea. I was recently given a court date and without sounding blaze about this i am hoping someone can help me look at my options if i have any remaining. I wont elaborate too much on my mitigation letter as this was declined by tfl i will instead to focus on the implications this will have and if anyone is able to give me information on how the charges can affect my career it is hugely appreciated. Here is the exact extract at the bottom of my 2nd letter from tfl, note this is the letter i have received after pleading guilty and a summary of what i am charged for is stated: "on xx/xx/xxxx at xxxxxxx station did enter a compulsory ticket area without having with xx a valid ticket. Contrary to byelaw 17 (1) and 23 of the transport for london railway byelaws made under paragraph 26 or schedule 11 to the greater london authority act 1999 and confirmed under section 67 of the transport act 1972" I have a few questions based on the summary of charges 1) Having read on forums in regards to the charges imposed to me, will the criminal record be spent after 12 months? 2) What are TFL charging me for, i understand this will be for a less serious offence of strict liability and not one of fraud and dishonesty, is this safe to confirm based on the acts mentioned above? 3) Would the charges be recordable once i am convicted? I am unsure what the difference is as i am not in the legal field but i have read that the above conviction is not recordable and will not show up on a DBS check once it is spent and solely on an advanced DBS. From my limited knowledge based on internet research, does this mean that after 12 months the offence will be wiped off any basic or standard dbs checked and only apply on an advanced check? (Answer to question 1 when confirmed to accurate knowledge) 4) Having had my mitigating circumstances dismissed in a recent letter, would it be worth calling tfl and writing another letter to them to as for an OOC settlement and financial settlement with emphasis on expressing how sorry i am for these actions and how a criminal offence could impact my career given that i work in the financial sector, or am i correct in assuming that after 12 months this will become spent and therefore i can dismiss the above charges as less serious on my career? I appreciate, that the questions raised may not be perfectly accurate but i have seen so many great forums in here and i believe that i can continue to approach this situation with the greatest focus. Any help is great help at this tricky time. Thank you in advance.
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