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  1. Unclebulgaria, I have an appointment with solicitor tomorrow - Will pass this matter over to them to deal with.
  2. Hi Fletch70, There is so much I could say in response to your reply, but am sorry I literally don't have the time or energy anymore.... Plus my posts are being reviewed and monitored and have to wait considerable time for them to be approved and displayed, which doesn't help.... I literally give up and although some replies have been most helpful and supportive, I can't help but feel this site is more of a hinderance to me than any help.... I will go to a solicitor for help instead... Thanks
  3. Hi Unclebulgaria, Yes. Great. That's what I want to do, to raise hell.... Can you help with a letter?
  4. Hi BazzaS, I am not sure who I should be suing... The landlord? Letting agent?.... Or what legal arguments are applicable.... That is why I have come on here for help... Bazza, I feel as though you are questioning me in a manner that isn't helpful for me.... It takes a great deal of courage for anyone to post a problem on this site and isn't easy... I have explained the best I can and without repeating myself, hope somebody can help...
  5. Hi BazzaS, Apologies if this isn't what you wanted to hear, but I really don't have the time or energy to try and seek any kind of professional psychiatric evaluation, and in any event consider myself to be of fairly sound mind and quite normal.... If the judicial system requires this, then maybe they are the ones who might need psychiatric evaluation?... I don't think my situation requires any kind of "psychiatric evaluation" and believe there must be laws in place to protect me in this kind of situation...Surely?
  6. Hi Unclebulgaria, In answer to your questions - The monthly rent amount is £850 and the security deposit was additional one month rent of £850. There were no agents fees charged, although I obviously had to pay removals costs & various other moving expenses... I was assured this was a long-term let..... The other proof I have of reasons requiring compensation including some recorded telephone conversations and emails, various expenses I have had to pay as a result of tenancy/property issues and loss of earnings/other damages.... My GP has written a letter stating how this stress has affected me.... I was hoping somebody could help guide me in regards to legal basis/legal argument/case law/ to help draft an effective formal complaint letter.
  7. Hi Bazza, Sorry but I find it extremely difficult to believe or accept this... If that is the case then the UK judicial system needs a massive overhaul and the law needs to be changed... In any event, I can prove other losses, expenses and damages, but even still, I do not believe that a UK court of law cannot award damages for distress, harassment and other similar issues..
  8. Please confirm exactly what you have paid to the landlords agent, other than the rent for the period of letting. Just under £6000 including security deposit. Plus removals and other expenses. You will only get the deposit back, if there are no other provable issues. The other issues are provable There are rules about fees that lettings agents can change. Is this an issue ? No Of course the situation has made it very difficult for you move on, when you have to leave the property. There will be lots of people in exactly the same situation up and down the country. People letting their properties without consent of the mortgage companies is very common. Mortgage companies don't start proceedings to gain possession, as long as the mortgage is being repaid. The landlord is of course expected to ensure the tenancy is brought to an end as quickly as possible, which is what is happening. The property does not need to be repossessed in order for me to be evicted. The mortgage can evict me with bailiffs (without notice) without any repossession action. This has also been stated in writing. Accept that in August you will have move out of the property and look at what you can do in the meantime. If there are any maintenance issues with the property, make sure that you raise these with the Solicitors and letting agent. Look into what help you can obtain, to ensure that you are in the best place you can be to move on. For example, contact any benefit advisory services to find out what you are entitled to. Contact your local County Authority to ask about Housing options. I have looked into every avenue possible, including any benefits. No organisation or benefits can help me. I need my money back in order to secure another roof over my head. I would need to raise 6 months rent upfront, security deposit and also removal costs & other expenses... Refund of my money paid is the very least they could do towards this and as I said, does not even come close to damages caused to me. https://www.entitledto.co.uk/ https://www.turn2us.org.uk/ Start making the preparations to move on in August. As you probably realise, it would be a mistake to plan based on a very slim chance of the landlord offering any payment or you winning a Court claim, for the issues you have raised. They need to refund my money so that I can secure another property. They have placed me at high risk of eviction & homelessness.... Need help with a formal complaint letter.
  9. Bazza, This is not the case at all and if you do not understand then I cannot help you. I am a human being and not simply a cash machine for landlord to use as they wish without taking responsibility for themselves. It costs a lot of money to move home and they have taken all of mine, on the agreement of a habitable, enjoyable home. As previously stated, I have been a landlady and would never dream of putting my tenants in this position. Yes I have made previously raised these issues, although many not in writing. As previously stated, I have my calls recorded. Some of the issues, ie the hot water, I did previously only have running hot water on the bath and nowhere else in the property. The hot water on the bath is now no longer working either and I have not as yet approached the managing agent with this problem. I do not agree with you that somebody would need a professional psychiatric evaluation in order to prove any type of issue under these circumstances. I am sorry, but feel you lack insight and would probably feel very differently if you were in my shoes. As already stated, I do not have thousands of pounds sat around in order to move home at any given time and should NOT be put in this position. Landlords have legal responsibilities and in return of rent monies they have failed in every respect to meet their responsibilities and these problems should NOT be put onto my shoulders to deal with. If you don't understand the reality, then I cannot help you. If nobody can assist me then I will have to continue without any assistance or moral support.
  10. Hi Honeybee, In answer to your questions, I was planning to pay the rent after 6 months from my income, although my income has been significantly affected by the various problems with the tenancy, as detailed in previous posts, and also the Covid19 outbreak on top of that.... Sorry if there is something you don't understand about the situation, but have done all I can to explain. No, I do not want the rent back so that I can sue the landlord. I want the rent back so that I can move out. If they don't refund my money, then they will be sued. Why should I pay rent for an uninhabitable property and suffer the consequences and costs of their problems?
  11. Hi, Thank you for the replies and apologies if I don't reply fully to each one, or if anything is confusing but trying my best to respond. Hi Solarstan, Totally agree, some landlords are greedy and think they are just entitled to free money. Hi Stu007, The S21 just says they are seeking possession under section 21 of the Housing Act 1988 as amended. It was delivered to me in the post. Under name & address of landlord it includes the landlords and estate agents. It gives a date in August to vacate, which is 3 months in accordance with government guidelines due to Covid19. It states I should contact the solicitor with any questions relating to the S21. I understand the S21 and my issues are related to other matters. Yes my deposit is held with DPS and I understand this cannot be dealt with until after vacating the property. I also paid 6 months rent upfront and it is not just the security deposit I am seeking return of. I want to sue them. Hi Unclebulgaria, I am not seeking a refund of rent purely on a technicality, but for the damages this has caused me and to enable me to have the required funds to move out. They have placed me at risk of being evicted without notice by bailiffs on behalf their mortgage company. Just the threat of that alone is bad enough. It is very difficult & stressful to move at the best of times and extra difficult at the moment. Plus I am supposed to be shielding due to being high risk for Covid19. The mortgage lender CAN evict me with bailiffs at any time and I am not willing to stick around to find out if that happens in the meantime of the S21 notice that has been given. This is preventing me from working and having a profound effect on my health. I paid them over £5000 to move into this property, plus other expenses. They are preventing me from moving by failing to refund my money. I feel as though I have been scammed for a lot of money, have had no peaceful enjoyment of the property and the damages caused to me far outweigh the £5000+ advance rent I paid them. Amongst other things, I have been harassed by aggressive debt collectors chasing the landlords unpaid electricity. I have felt terrorised and this has also created a debt for me as the landlords & agent have failed to rectify the problem with smart meter. Also no running hot water in the property, no use of the bathroom facilities or cooking facilities that I paid to use in good faith, heating and ventilation problems, security issues and various other things. This has affected and is affecting my health and I do not consider the property to be habitable. It is not acceptable to be expected to continue paying them rent and they also expect me to accommodate their viewings whilst they try to sell the property, all the while being under the continued risk that I COULD be evicted by bailiffs at any time. I want to sue them and need my money back at the very least in order to secure somewhere else to live. I do not consider it reasonable to have no hot water or adequate ventilation, let alone the other problems and damages this has caused me and have every right to be able to enjoy a property that I have paid a lot of money to live in. They need to refund my money asap so that I can move out and that wouldn't even come close to the amount of damages they have caused me. At this moment in time I was just looking for some help drafting a formal complaint letter and demand for refund, as I feel the biggest priority for me at the moment is to move out. The problem is I cannot afford to do that without a refund of the advance monies I paid them. Thank you
  12. What information about the S.21 do you need? It seems to me the notice has been served in retaliation as I have discovered they have no consent to let and being threatened with bailiff eviction from their mortgage lender. The letting agent will have to communicate with me in order to vacate the property. There are also many maintenance issues and as the managing agent of the property she is responsible for these dealing with these matters, which are nothing whatsoever to do with the S.21 being sent? Her website also seems to have disappeared. She is clearly trying to intimidate me and avoid paying me any of my £5000 + money back. I entered the tenancy on the basis of it being managed by her agency. I don't see why I should have to communicate with a third party solicitor?
  13. Would really appreciate any advice or help with a letter. So confused and cant think straight. Thank you
  14. Thank you for unlocking the thread. I received S21 notice this week from a solicitor. Could somebody please tell me if these are usually served by a solicitor firm or from the managing agent? The letting agents won't return my calls and has ignored my request for a refund of monies to enable me to move out. So far I have requested this over the phone and in an email. The letting agent sent me an email yesterday stating that I would have to contact the solicitor and not her. I also received an email from the solicitor berating me for contacting the managing agent and insisting I contact them directly. I am going to send more formal letter today to the managing agent via email and will also post a copy to her office. I have a good idea what I want to say, but any ideas or wording to include in the letter would be appreciated.... I intend to send it this afternoon. Could somebody please also tell me if my attempts to contact the managing agent, sending a formal letter and request for refund etc would go against me, or in my favour if these matters went to court in the future?... I am shocked by the letting agents complete disregard for my well-being or the damages this is causing me and I seem to be getting blamed/punished for the situation? Also, should I contact the solicitor at all? Thanks in advance.
  15. Please could you reopen thread and please stop closing it. Thank you
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