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  1. Thanks, the client as a corporate firm has multiple experience with ACAS though I don't know which bit is handling it. If it is the divisional HR people, it would explain a lot. I am a firmware engineer relying on logic The judge seems to have accepted it without comment saying they will set a date fopr a 3 day hearing in due course. I have objected to their request to change their name as I don't know the implications - the grounds are lack of evidence or reason for the request as well as differences between facts they stated to the tribunal and elsewhere.
  2. Hi, I'm hoping for some advice (thanks in advance). I resigned claiming Constructive dismissal over breaches of contract. In my ET1 I provided the 10 breaches of contract, background, a timeline of events and specific headings covering the 10 items (15 pages) plus making 28 documents available. The ET3 (or rather the Respondents Grounds of Resistance) has their version of a timeline followed by boiler plate denials without any defense. I won't paste the exact response but it runs through a whole set of denials without any evidence sort of as follows: We
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