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  1. Thanks EricsBrother for the reply. Do you suggest I should let them include this in the bundle and question this during the actual hearing to bring their behaviour and credibility of evidence and them in general to question using this? I do not understand the bit about obtaining evidence unlawfully or illegally. It is them who are using the entire management machinery and solicitors to create all these evidences to suit the loop holes and weaknesses in their case but I feel helpless because I am on the receiving end of this bullshit! so how can I obtain evidence after quitting the employm
  2. Thanks Emmzzi for the reply. I already thought of this however I wasn’t sure. I thought if I let it go to the bundle I may be questioned by the ET why did I not object to this document earlier and why did I not object to this making to the bundle.
  3. Firstly I apologise I am new to the Forum so ignore my mistakes: I have taken my employer to employment tribunal. One of the many facts I am relying on for breach of trust is is that my employee drafted many backdated and forged documents to support their side of story. During one meeting, I was told by my employer that do not have any knowledge of a particular meeting taking place between myself and them. Furthermore, they said that they did not have any meeting minutes for that particular meeting. I was asked to produce the meeting minutes instead, as
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