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  1. Hi l, the problem I have is the house is owned by my dad (he’s 82) and the agreement is in his name but my sister lives there and pays the DD each month. They both are not very good with technology hence why i started the questions. I don’t know whether I could get dad to raise county court claims (i could do it for him but as you say if it gets to court he would have to go). I need my sister to write everything down relating to problems etc from the beginning and see where I can take it
  2. My sister had a complete boiler/central heating system installed less than 3 years ago by ASG and it’s been a nightmare. The engineer was a complete cowboy and left the installation in a mess. Exposed pipes down the side of windows all the rubbish was left and numerous other things. We complained and they sent someone out. The service was carried out in February 2020 a couple of weeks after this she had no hot water. She phoned them numerous times and eventually they told her how to fix the error code over the phone. It’s happen
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