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  1. Hi BadMojo, Have you heard anything since receiving that letter from CST law? I've received mine today (after receiving letters from Credit Style) and it's for the training bond for leaving British gas i left within the first year so they're stating i owe over £9,000 ... The letter states 'Our client' 'possible legal action' and 'new balance if a CCJ is obtained' among other things. Thanks for advice/help regarding this matter
  2. Hi all, re: https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/topic/420990-industrial-training-bond-debt-collection-advice/ They had initially chased me for the money and i spoke to centrica directly disagreeing with owing this money and the department in Centrica who deal with money owed advised me to email another department which i did. The email contained my reasoning behind leaving, my justification in doing so and why i don't agree with owing this money. I had heard nothing from centrica since that email was sent now 3 years later i'm being harassed by credit style asking repay this money. I was wondering if anyone else in this thread has heard anything else since receiving these letters as i appear to be a month or 2 behind you lot. They have left me numerous voice mails however on one of the recent voicemails they said they'll have to pass the debt back to centrica if i don't contact them? I also read that employers can't seek money off an employee through a government funded apprenticeship however i'm not sure how true that holds to this particular case though the apprenticeship at least partly was government funded. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. (i recently done a credit check on my name and i have zero debt on my credit file also)
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