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  1. Oh sorry I thought on your above post you told me to write “ I was not aware until 2016 I had ppi”. i May have misunderstood. I will just reply with the medical reason and leave off that I wasn’t aware as I’m not sure if they can use statute barring even though they didn’t write to me or advise me it may have been mis sold. all my premiums were paid between 1997-2010 in 2011 my account went into credit and they have only sent statements from 2011 onwards . I don’t want to reply with the wrong reason I will obviously add the medical condition and tha
  2. Thanks I have been reading. I have looked at the spreadsheets I have £938 in charges in total without interest. I can enter these now worries. im just wondering if their entry log now says I rang asking to cancel PPC in 2006 ( even though they continued to charge) whether I should return the letter today stating I wasn’t aware of ppi until my letter in 2016. Thanks for your assistance
  3. Thanks your reply on that. I’m just going through all the paperwork again from the Sar. It says they have not been able to locate a copy of the credit card agreement but that they can confirm I opened by post and applied for ppi on the sameness day and they wouldn’t have open ed the account before sight of a signed agreement. In the log there is an entry I have attached. It says ( as far as I can make out) that I called to make a payment then then called to cancel ppc amen says something about customer been advised ppc still charged on EO. (Not sure what EO is)
  4. Yes I realise that I just meant if they say no as non advised sale and you were aware of ppi as you were getting monthly statements so then I appealed it to the Fos. I am reading the threads for info thanks and appreciate your time
  5. THANKYou. If it goes to Fos and they say I’ve applied via post but the Sar doesn’t show that application will the Fos just accept that ? Thankyou And sorry - shall I not add the details about Lyn savings, sick pay etc in those parts on the questionaire
  6. A while back in 2016 I sent a letter enquiring whether I had ppi on the account, this was when a friend advised me of all this. They replied saying yes , giving start date and amount in ppi and they trust that fulfils maybe request. They didn’t advise me it had been Mis sold so I assumed that was it and I wasn’t eligible. Then in July 19 applied on their online enquiry form. Received many “ were still looking at your complaint letters and a questionaire”. Sent Sar took a while to return - no info on credit card agreement or applicatio
  7. I’ve no Idea i cant recall If i applied by phone or by a form. Obviously I don’t recall if I ticked anything for PPI and as there Sar hasn’t got it I’m no better for he info. ive only filled out the info above on their questionaire nothing firther is that not a good idea to send ? I have many statements and the ppi is on there so I suppose they would just say I was aware. Thats why I was wondering if my circumstances made any difference.
  8. Hi There, please could anyone advise / help me with this query ? Recieved ppi request for more information via Questionaire. I have sent a Sar off to MBNA they have no details on my Credit card Agreement or how I purchased the PPi as it was 1997. i cannot remember myself. At the time I was living at home a with parents, hand £2k savings in bank from Grandparents inheritance and had a medical condition. My work circumstances were 6 weeks full pay then SSP. my Question is I don’t recall being asked for any of this info or receiving anything to tell me I
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