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  1. what they are saying is I have passed the 14 days of having the item, even though it was bought as a gift and not opened within the 14 days, I only opened on the 27th of March this is why they say they cannot refund ? is this correct ?
  2. HI all - I hope you can offer some advice, My husband purchased an expensive juicer from the above company cost £395 in Feb this year, the Juicer was an anniversary gift. The items was shipped and received next day delivery on the 18th Feb, we went on holiday for 2 weeks, When we got back he gifted me the juicer on the 27th March. I unboxed and used the machine on the 28th and it just died turned off - I left it. for a bit and it just wont turn on. I got in touch with the company on the 30th - who keep telling me there is nothing they can do other than fi
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