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  1. My bank says its to late to file a chargeback claim.. as 90 days passed since the purchase Sorry, 120 days Hovewer I just found this information: (website removed - dx) Do I understand that this 120 days limit should be counted from the later date, not ftom the day of purchase?
  2. I cannot recommend this company. It looks like they are not uk based despite they pretend to be. They have sent me a camera (worth over £1600) in just manufacturer box and taped it over with sticky tape... The box was knocked and camera wasn't switching on. After an email exchange they asked me to return the camera to them for a refund or replacement. I did that on my expense and they refused to accept a parcel! Now I am waiting to get the parcel back to me, and I will update this post as soon as I have anymore information, but at the moment I
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