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  1. Ok well I've gone to one shop who agreed to give me the footage yesterday, declined today and switched the story and said their cctv system doesn't record Even though they said it does yesterday. Frustrating. Why have cctv then? What's the drawback of giving out the footage?
  2. Promising stuff. Also even though the local businesses agreed to helping out with cctv footage shall we go ahead and retrieve the footage or wait for the police to do so?
  3. Alright thank you. We're also waiting on some CCTV footage today that should identify the 2 men and if they came in another vehicle. Shall we wait for this before filing out the insurance report or just fill it out with the info we have and then add the CCTV footage findings to the police report?
  4. Under our eyes they somehow managed to swap the genuine spare key with a dud. It was in a wallet and looked like it was the same in the dark. Only when the Insurance company asked for the keys we realised it is not our spare key. They didn't take the car immediately and waited til after midnight. So sending back keys, logbook, mot history, purchase receipt etc. Is all normal protocol right?
  5. Hey, my car was listed for sale, 2 men came to view it yesterday and somehow managed to switch the spare key and they took our car before we realised. The car insurance company is requesting some documents and any keys I have. What shall I do? Do I send the duplicate fake key the 'buyers' switched my genuine key with too?
  6. Hi, my friend received a letter for speeding a few weeks ago and needs some advice. What is the best course of action to take right now? Also the letter mentions to surrender the license, is this normal? Thanks. speeding FPN.pdf
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