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  1. @comebackjimmy I really appreciate you for sharing your story with me. This morning I received a letter from Barclays in response to the complaint I logged last week and it is as dissatisfying as ever! I am still confused as to who will be able to hold these people accountable. Yes, my account is completely closed and Barclays is still 'unable to provide me with information on the guidelines used'. They have also sent me a leaflet on how to take my complaint further with the help of the Ombudsman service which I have started already. I will be opening up a new account with another but I r
  2. There are no funds in the account as of now as the money I was meant to receive got suspended and never reached my account. I also do not have any other accounts?
  3. My account has actually been almost inactive for the most part for the past year as I don't work. Any sums of money I do receive are very small amounts and always from the same people I've been receiving it from for years. The only thing I could say is that I share an address with someone but that has nothing to do with me. Do u think Barclays would prosecute me by associating my account to the address I am living at? That still doesn't make any sense and simply incompetent.
  4. I've been an account holder for more than five at Barclays bank. About 10 days ago, I headed to my local branch in hammersmith to make a usual transfer between my own accounts as I was expecting funds to reach me. It is when my card got rejected by the machine that I noticed something was off. I headed to the counter and was told by a member of their staff that my accounts have been closed. Keeping in mind that I've never done anything illegal or in breach of their terms and conditions. So you could imagine I was unplesantly surprised and gobsmacked!
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