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  1. Hi DX, Thanks for the response. I've rarely needed to track anything personal. It usually goes through without any problems, but 2 weeks to reach NL? I'll get in touch with them tomorrow anyway and see what can be done to update the tracking. I know this was s very emotionally charged decision to post it here. Thanks
  2. Hi there, first post and it's one much like many others I see, but I'm a bit confused of how to approach the value on this one. Backstory, I restore vintage mopeds. In this case, I purchased a small joblot of parts for £300, receipt signed by seller and myself. In this lot were two parts I needed to complete a project. Fast forward to April 1st, I sent off these two parts to a specialist in the Netherlands for minor repair. This was done with Parcel2Go, via Hermes (That classic combination). I took them to the drop off point and away they went. The next day,
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