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  1. First of all, apologies for the delay in responding. I went back to work in May completely forgot about this. Secondly, they paid out. As you can see in my post dated May 11th, I suggested whether it would be worth trying one more time with them. Well, I did. I mentioned in my claim that, once again, they should contact DHL who would confirm that the parcel was left on the doorstep in full view of anyone passing by. I finished it off by saying that I was happy to go to small claims court over this if I do not hear back from them. About a week later I receive
  2. Thanks for your post. Yep, I have recorded the call where the DHL automatic service confirms that the parcel was left in a safe place. But it's not like this is some secret information though, if parcel2go simply rang DHL customer service and gave them the parcel's tracking number they would be told the same thing. This is what makes it a little funny and infuriating, all they have to do is ring DHL but they still insist on the recipient's signature. I also have a copy of the photograph that the DHL driver took. The photograph shows the p
  3. Another update. I've provided all the info to parcel2go and the claim has been processing. They asked for a copy of the recipient's signature since the parcel is showing as 'signed for' but I explained to them, again, that the parcel was left in a safe place as confirmed by DHL so this signature is not needed since the recipient was not at home to receive and hence sign for it, which is why it was left in a safe place. But again they've asked for a copy of the recipient's signature. The recipient is hesitant to send over a copy of his passport that show
  4. Yes it did, it happened about two weeks ago now. If you ring the DHL customer service line it does state that they are doing this. But, the crucial detail is that they say 'the driver will record your name and take a photo of the premises to confirm delivery'. This means they still have to wait for the person to open the door and confirm the parcel's been taken and then take a photo. It doesn't mean the courier can just leave the parcel on the doorstep if the customer isn't at home. In this case they should attempt delivery at another date. The whole point o
  5. Thanks for the quick reply. To be honest I expected that they wouldn't cover me for the loss but that's fine since I only sold the goods for around £60 less. In terms of making a successful claim for my £480, do you think I have a good case here? I recorded the phone call when the automatic tracking service on their number says that it was left in a safe place, and I also have screenshots of their online tracking page saying it was signed for by 'con'. No such person lives in the neighbourhood as confirmed by my customer. But I guess this is a moo
  6. Hi there, I've been searching on Google for the past 2-3 days to see where I stand on this problem I've got, thought I'd post here too for your insights. I sold some dog toys to a buyer for £480, it was fully insured via Parcel2Go. The tracking on Parcel2go and DHL both said it had been delivered and signed for, so I thought 'okay great' and went about my day. But a day or two later the buy responded saying he hadn't received his parcel, so I started investigating. After going through DHL's tracking information through the phone, it told me the p
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