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  1. Thank you all for the advice The reason for not getting a crime ref is considering everything that is going on in the world right now I would assume the police have better things to be getting on with, not a good excuse I know. I will get a crime ref no if experience in the past has stated this has been useful. In regards to next steps am I right in the following; 1. Obtain crime ref no 2. Send a letter of complaint to either Parcel2Go or Hermes? Can I send it to both? I am siding suing Hermes due to the negligence and obvious tampering What should the contents of the letter state? Any good templates I can use? Email or written letter? 3. Wait 7-10 days 4. Send a letter of claim 5. Wait 14 days 6. What do I do on the 15th day?
  2. Hi BankFodder, I stated that the contents value was the sold price on eBay £525 I luckily had a pic of the serial no of the phone. I checked the serial no of the device via the apple website https://checkcoverage.apple.com/gb/en/ and it stated that the 1yr standard apple warranty expires on the March 17, 2021 which means the phone was activated on March 17, 2020 - which if you refer to my timeline the phone was supposedly in 'transit' at that time
  3. Hi, I am new to posting but have reviewed allot of material on this forum and have found it to be extremely useful. After coming through my recent debacle with Parcel2go & Hermes I am inspired to pursue my own case further and am semi-hopeful to get a positive resolution. The reason for posting(despite all the good info) is that I am confused on what my next steps should be and whether I have a case or not. So here are my stories of events to date; I am a private seller on eBay and occasionally buy and sell goods(not my main source of income) I Sold a Brand New Phone 11 for £525 inc PnP via eBay on the 13th March Sent the phone via Parcel2go(using Hermes), opted out of insurance costing a total of £3.53(inc signature) - Dropped off 14th March, Delivered 19th March Immediately the buyer via eBay contacted me stating that the contents of the package was empty i.e. NO PHONE After a few days of talking via eBay message and consulting this forum, I ended up refunded the buyer(it was not their fault somebody had stolen the contents and was not hopeful that eBay would side in my favour) Raised a claim via Parcel2go on the 19th March, and surprise surprise claim was rejected due not having parcel protection on the 3rd April After trawling through various posts on this forum I am now a little stuck on what my next steps are. I have not sent any letters to any CEOs of Hermes or Parcel2Go or had any other correspondence; the only comms I have had are via the online claims portal on Parcel2go's website where my claim was rejected. Do I have a case? If so, what are the next steps? I have pics from buyer clearly showing the package has been tampered with and re-sealed, I also have evidence that the phone was activated during the time of when the phone was supposed to be in transit(i.e. not in mine or the buyers possession), so in my eyes this is a criminal case of blatant theft. Any help or advise would be greatly appreciated Thanks!
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