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  1. Use of the word "initially"in what is simply ABTA guidelines ,not law ,makes me nervous that the initial period might be further reviewed and extended. I have also read that there are unconfirmed reports that Govt will agree to changes to the Package travel regulations which will allow travel agents to issue credit notes allowing agents to use vouchers to use the vouchers to book new trips for up to two years and only then will the vouchers be capable of converting to a cash refund.If I could be certain I will get the cash refund by 31/7 but two years is a very long time to wait.Easy enough for ABTA can amend guidance? Hence I am wondering if I am within my rights to turn down the offer of vouchers?
  2. Thanks my concern is use of the word "initially"That would seem to suggest that those who just want a cash refund might have to wait considerably longer (up to two years have been quoted) which is not really fair to people.
  3. I booked a package holiday with an ABTA/ATOL agent consisting of flights, cruise and hotels all paid in one lump sum. The cruise company have said I will get a full cash refund for the cruise. However the travel agent has told me in relation to all the other costs they will only offer a refund credit note. This despite the original terms and conditions under which I booked clearly stating if it was cancelled [it was due to coroavirus] I would be entitled to a full cash refund. Can anyone confirm that I can insist on a cash refund?. I have no use of a refund credit note [that I believe will be ABTA/ATOL protection until it is capable of converting into cash wish could be a long time in the future
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