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  1. nope nothing from PRA, would you expect them to send somethng this month to start legal proceedings before the SB becomes effective? thanks
  2. Date of default 30 Apr 2014 Ive not paid anything to this account since the default in april 2014 Thanks
  3. Hi I last used the card in 2013. The first default on my credit file shows january 2014, and every month since then there is a D for default. thanks
  4. Hi Both MBNA and PRA have been sending statements to my current address for years now (7+ years). Does this remove a potential problem? On the Statute barred matter, from your reply am i correct to say, that statute barred will only apply to the MBNA side of the debt,? Or once this is offically taken care of , PRA may continue to chase , but shouldnt really and can also be stopped due to the statute barred matter? Many thanks
  5. Hi I have a debt that is approaching statute barred date. I have not contacted the original creditor (MBNA) for the past 6 years or made payment (as confirmed on my credit file). The debt was sold some time ago to PRA, I have also not entered into communication with PRA or made a payment to them. My question concerns when this debt becomes barred? I am hoping it is based on the oirignal creditor situation, which then means no legal action possible for them, and then if this thinking is correct, can the DCA simply be ignored / told to go away ? Any help much appreciated. Thanks
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