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  1. Hi DX, Thanks again for your advice and help, much appreciated. ive definitely not paid anything towards this or communicated to them regarding this for at least 15 years hence why I was shocked to see this. Interestingly if I scroll down to my credit cards and bank accounts I have now it doesn’t list this Halifax one there. im positive it’s Statute Barred so I think I’ll take the advice of writing to them straight away. I know many years ago I had a CCJ registered against me when it shouldn’t of been and despite many letters they refused to remove it. All it was that someone claimed I damaged their bike and I didn’t think it was my fault and therefore didn’t need to pay so we went to court for them to decide. They decided against me and. So I paid the £100 for the bike within a few days and they notified the courts it had been paid and so there should of been no judgement. the court made a mistake, lost the letter and even with a fresh letter from the claimant saying I paid them a few days after the court case the court refused to remove the CCJ. That’s 30yrs a go now, however it rings alarm bells when thinking of trying to get things removed thanks again for your help Pip
  2. Hi DX, Thanks for your time and advice. I really cant remember if / when it was defaulted etc because 20yrs ago my finances were a bit of a mess. I thought I finally cleared everything just with deals with collectors and one debt did go to court and I had a CCJ which I paid in full and is about 9 years ago and no longer on my file. I started to live in another country for about 10 years and have been back in the UK now for 6 years so I was surprised to see this suddenly crop up on my file a couple fo days ago. I've attached a pdf with 2 screenshots of Credit Karma screens, the left screenshot is my front page showing the alert for the Halifax and the screenshot shown on the right is how they listed it, almost as if its a live credit card except the Credit Limit shows as £0 Do you know if when I write to them, are the obliged to remove it from the credit ref agencies or will it be on there now for 6 years? Thanks again for your help Pip credit report.pdf
  3. Hi, Please can someone advise me with regards to Statute Barred Debts? I have a statute batted debt with the Halifax that my last communication or payment with them was at least 15yrs ago., possibly 20yrs. i was surprised to see yesterday that Credit Karma alerted me to a new item on my file and when I checked it said over use of available credit because Halifax have just added this to my Credit File. They have added the credit card saying a £5100 balance owed with a credit available on the account as £0 so they haven’t even listed it as a default or anything. Does anyone know if they are allowed to do this and if they are not then how I go about getting this removed from my credit file. My understanding was if it is Statute Barred then legally you can not be chased for this so to put it on to my credit file now will obviously affect my rating however this is from at least 15 maybe 20 years ago! i very much appreciate anyone who can point me in the right direction and thanks in advance for your time and help.
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