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  1. Long time no post, a quick catch up. So far 2 letters saying to pay etc and 1 debt recovery letter. Monies owed - £60 then £100 and now £170.00... might as well be bananas at this point. I will redact and scan them in the next few days. All sent to registered keeper.
  2. Apologies Dx for quoting you. I didn't want to start the appeals process so didn't enter the info. MET seem to entice you to appeal, why? For use as evidence against the defendant? RT
  3. Looking and Brassnecked, Thank you for your response and I haven't challenged the NTK and what does tolchocked mean? I look forward to the next few months and for info a NTD wasn't issued or received by the driver at the time of the alleged breech. The NTK was written to imply POFA but didn't reference it or quote POFA schedule 4. Which again means this PPC relies on implied threats to gain payment rather than actual basis in law and also relies on the keeper saying who the driver is and then that person can face court to recover reasonable costs for the n
  4. Hi all, Thank you for the advice so far and for info and for anyone else that may be affected by this issue I can attach the results of a number of Land registry requests for post code CM22 1PY If the site team think it is okay to do so. In short the land in question is referred to as plot 4b. The 'claimant' (I know a Letter of Claim hasn't been sent yet) ascertains the driver had been offered parking, the driver accepted the offer to park and then both parties made consideration to exchange items of value i.e. a parking space for £4.00 (in accordance with th
  5. dx, It says you have to enter your notice reference and vehicle VRN to start your appeal process, I have looked at the various MET web pages and can't find /see a route to looking at the photographs or am I missing something? PCN_redacted with vehicle (part redacted).pdf
  6. EB, I would have to start an appeal in order to get the rest of the images by filling out the info on the 'appealMET' web page. So hadn't entertained to even try to get the extra 'photographic evidence'. RT
  7. EB, The picture was taken from high, therefore an ANPR to get plate and CCTV to show parking. Regards
  8. Thank you dx and you advice is well received. will remember about the 'quote' thing and it seems you already know a lot about this site. RT
  9. 120 mins is 2 hours but 1h:23m:23s is only 83 minutes and 23 seconds so well under 120 minutes (2 hours)
  10. The contravention reason states 'the maximum period allowed at this site is 120 minutes. However even if it was an hour the reason would have been exceeding the payed for period! He she hadn't so what was the reason for the £100.00 charge? You don't pay for the contractors mistakes, they can't charge you for their error, they may try... Regards
  11. I am a novice with PCNs too but its more what the 'contravention reason' doesn't say. The two hours free parking was only if he /she remained on the premises, by leaving the OP breached a condition that is more favorable to the PPC i.e. the OP should have paid to park before leaving the premises. If you are not aware of this condition then how can you be in breach of contract? It is for VCS to prove and they rely on signage to say you have accepted the and will abide by the T&Cs and if not charge you £100.00 or 60% of it if you pay up with 14 days. A c
  12. Is there a standard format or should I quote the vehicle regs, BPA code of practice and POFA when asking who has been given access to the keepers details.
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