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  1. Hi guys, really appreciate your response I'm prepared to fight this, i'll discuss with my daughter and get onto Lidle Thanks for help
  2. Hi, Thanks for all your comments above, (apologies for delay, I've been working all day) Unfortunately, my daughter used cash and the receipt was thrown away long before the parking charge notice arrived I appealed as the registered keeper and haven't disclosed who drove my car I appealed on all the following points: Unclear and inadequate signage Contract with landowner not compliant with BPA code of practice and no legal status to offer parking or enforce charges No contract with the driver Unfair contract terms and no breach of contract, Unlawful penalty charge Ok, so i didn't receive there rejection notice, are you saying i should just continue to ignore all further correspondence, what happens if Athena take this matter all the way to court, and issue a CCJ if i continue to ignore I'd like to try and nip this in the bud before going to court, Should i complain to Lidl and also BPA As you rightly said, not all Lidle stores have the scanned receipt facility and it is confusing Surely, if you haven't received the rejection letter you should have the chance to pursue the appeal. The local authority allow you to submit a Statutory Deceleration if you haven't received the notice of rejection, why can't you with the private parking company's What action should i take Thanks for all your responses
  3. Hey, Thanks for getting back, my daughter was driving my car, went into Lidle, not this usual store, it was late one evening in Feb, dark, raining, the signs are not very clear or legible you need a pair of binoculars to read the signs which are approx 10 ft tall and the lighting is dim and too far up the pole. she purchase food, it was busy in the store, she didn't notice you had to scan your receipt and vehicle details I've been to the store, and checked the signage which is pretty poor I'd like to know if i didn't receive the rejection notice, how can i continue with an appeal, complaint etc Thanks
  4. Hi Hoping for some advice I challenged an initial £45 parking ticket with Athena (parked in Lidle ) They acknowledged my initial online appeal, but i didn't hear anything from them again until i received an overdue reminder letter. I immediately contacted them to explain I was expecting their response to my appeal online via email. However, they said it was sent to me by post. If i'd received it in the post i would have responded to the rejection letter and pursued my appeal. I do have issues with my mail, victim of fraud etc, on more than a few occasions so i conduct all of my business online and receive as little mail as possible. I live in block of flats, my mail box is outside the communal area and it's very easy to put your hand in the letter box and remove mail, it happens frequently, i explained this to them They emailed me a copy of their rejection letter and informed me they will not communicate with me any further. I'm really angry because I wanted to pursue this appeal I've now received a reminder notice £90 What action can i take, Can I make a statutory declaration, explaining the above Should i complain to DVLA, BPA, IPC, MP etc, Any help, advice would be greatly appreciated,
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