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  1. London 3 months ago I received a LBA from Howard Cohen Ignored and never heard anything until Robbers sent letter and called again .. Believe these all sit in the same office and pass papers to each other all day !!
  2. Thanks for the advice Im going to ignore everything they send , stay safe everyone in these difficult times
  3. Not really no !! But thanks for your personal slant on it !
  4. Would you have a Statue Barred Template I could use to inform them ? im sure they will come back with some old Palava !!
  5. Hi The last payment made was Jan 2013 on both cards ... why do they bother to keep sending and calling ? They must realise this ? Or are they chancing their arm ?
  6. I have 2 ongoing Barclaycard debts with Robinson Way and today they have sent me a letter from Barclaycaed dated 23 Dec 2019. This states they do not have to provide Historic Varied Terms and Conditions under Regulation 9 of the CNC Regulations.... Both my Debts are Statue Barred but they keep on sending the same old crap even though I did all my homework asking for the correct information using all the relevant templates, all they have returned in jumbled statements and a copied single page from 1991 that I signed but no Terms attached . Anyone know what th
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