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  1. I have a repayment mortgage. I got a very vague letter stating the arrangement but there wasn’t a lot of information on it. I was offered any options. I was just told that they would take £x amount a month instead of my full mortgage payment for 6 months.
  2. Hi, I have checked my CRA. It is showing arrears and late payments. Barclays have advised that e late payment is in relation to the arrears. However This wasn’t explained when the arrangement was made. I wasn’t advised of any impact on my credit report or advised of any alternative options to the one they put me on. The Barclays BDM whom I have been in contact with advised to make a complaint. I was under a six month agreement but they have listed my last three payments as late. I am making a complaint with Barclays directly and have requested my SAR. thanks
  3. Hi, has anyone had any experience with Barclays Mortgage options being incorrectly advised? I went on maternity leave 6 months ago and went to Barclays to see what options where in terms of my mortgage. All I was advised was a reduction in my mortgage for 6 months which would result in arrears for six months. I was not advised of any alternative options eg mortgage holiday or interest only. I have now been advised that Barclays have logged arrears and missed payments on my credit file which was not explained to me. I have sought advise from a financial ex
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