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  1. Thank you so much, l really appreciate your points. I can not begin to tell you how this has affected my life, l have not taken the Codeine since 2018, but been treated like a criminal by DVLA if l showed all the facts in this case it would shook people. Once the country is up and running late will try again just the time it takes as been a year now and not sure how much longer l can keep my Motability adapter vehicle for due for renewal in October) and my job, total independence gone for someone in a wheelchair just trying to be “normal” and go to work!!
  2. Many Thanks, My doctor is not clear o how my disability would affect my sample as due to my disability and how it differs it is impossible to know my muscle mass. l know i do not drink anything before the test (last drink night before around 9pm) so cannot understand why it would show as diluted? It is an impossible cycle as cannot get the DVLA to accept any other testing method, so feel will never move forward.
  3. hi guys thanks for the great points made. l take 5mg of Amlodipa blood pressure a day. As urine sample taken from outside bag,?temp is higher when taken so not sure on this? Also have less muscle capacity due to disability and advised this could affect it. DVLA know my meds advised as coming back diluted cannot test, but they found my sleeping tablet 7.5mg zopiclone in the last test, so why too diluted. they will not do hair folic or blood test. feel guilty and having to prove innocent. My european human right article 4 and 20 anyone thing they should review my case on this basis?
  4. No but will have to give up work soon and claim benefits so stop being a tax payer after 35 years and become unemployed as finding it hard to go to work without a car.
  5. Okay thanks it is a difficult one.
  6. No nothing - l cannot understand how it can be diluted defo not drinking water to do this? l take multivitimans and blood pressure tablets pres by my doctor so l think it is the sample itself as is being taken from a urine bag outside my body so not sure how higher temp affects this?
  7. Hi l am a wheelchair person who has a motabilty modified car and have been driving and working for 35 years. For a year now l have been trying to prove l no longer take Codeine (stopped 2018) l have a suprapubic catheter and undergone two Urine tests with the DVLA medical team, both showing diluted specimens. l have not drunk beforehand so at a loss as to why this has happened. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.
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