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  1. We have been private renting for 11 years in the same property, we have accidently got some oil on the driveway, landlady says we need to pay to re tarmac the drive, do we have to or does this come under wear and tear. Bearing in mind i have a non serviced boiled since January which she says she is replacing but hasn't as yet. Pictures of drive attached
  2. Thanks for the update i am still.working at the moment i just wanted some advise incase circumstances change. I have already spoken with my landlady her answer is tough they run their own business a garage and she says they are PAYE so wont get anything it they have to close and she has another 11 properties she has to also try and cover.
  3. I currently private rent and i am.worried i spoke with the landlady they have their own business on paye so she says they will get nothing if they choose to close for a period of time. She rents 11 other properties and said ours is not on a buy to let mortgage. Where do I stand with paying the rent if we go on furlough and cant afford the rent.
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