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  1. Thank you for the advice. I have definitely learned a lesson and wont be something I ever do again. I will post back either way. Thanks again
  2. Ok thanks for clearing that up for me and thanks for the fast reply. Yes it is a works computer (which other people have access too) and yes it is my company. Should I reply to the letter or just ignore it? It was a signed delivery letter so they know I've recieved it. Also did my file upload ok? I cant seem to open it.
  3. Hi all, I have come across all of the other threads on this subject (of which there are a few!). I am making a separate thread about mine as I do not want to hijack another thread as my situation is a little different. I recieved a letter earlier in the week at work from CJCH solicitors (copy of letter attached). I have not recieved any emails previously to receiving it either like in the other cases I read about. I do have an illegal copy solidworks on the computer which I got about 4 weeks ago to learn how to use it for my own personal use. We dont have any use for solidworks at work either. Like in the other cases I have read about on the forum the letters and emails state ip addresses sometimes or some sort of evidence which mine doesn't. Also it might be worth mentoning that the machine that solidworks is installed on is on a vpn all the time. Not going to lie, this has really put the fear of god into me. I am not sleeping much and is pretty much all I'm thinking about at the moment. Amy advice will be HUGELY appreciated! cjch.pdf
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