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  1. I most certainly will return when the time comes of court action, Again Thank you , been a great help.
  2. THANKS VERY MUCH FOR GREAT ADVICE, Ididnt think it was lagit with a po box headed address, but at least if others get same they have clear structure from this conversation, i will now say to my wife no further contact at all many thanks . Great help.
  3. andy Yes we now bank elsewhere, I dont say we are not due the outstanding ballance, But belive the bank had a right to inform us of such action. IM more angry that in the global pandemic crisis we are all in globaly. And they target people for £211 pound lol. My intent is to shame them, And make folk aware .
  4. dx i thought the same , my wife and i had our account for 3-4 years it was a joint acc.
  5. RESPONCE TO ANDY. The bank acc was last used 16 months ago, APPROX
  6. HI ANDY YES THIS DEBT : £211 pound was an overdraught with bank of scotland, They told me its now there debt and not the banks, I have been poorly over last year hence why the payment wasnt made, im not saying i dont owe this but its how the bank of scotland passed to them, and more so what the worlds going through just now has realy got my back up. Theres surley bigger fish to chase with higher amounts . There communication skills were zero.
  7. We banked with our bank for years . due to coronavirus im sure your all aware has brought the world to a halt!!. Well so called LC Asset l S.a.r.l sent us a letter dated 19 march 2020. about us outstanding of £211 .(TWO HUNDRED AND ELEVEN POUND), To my shock it was a debt recovery letter, Have people no shame to start pestering people for money they dont have during a global pandemic outbreak (caronavirus).People dropping down dead nationwide . Elderly /Youths/Disabled/Need i go on, I have today called them regards to there flaud letter in which has a po box address on the headed letter instead of a normal work or company address, they claim they are from wales? yet looking up internet they are a Luxembourg company so no-one knows where they work.lol . When i first called i spoke off a louder voice due to being deaf, i was hung up on. I then called them back and spoke to another idiot who tryed talking over me, so this was swiftly sorted . i have offerd them a pound . Yes £1 a week and it has been accepted, they dont do payment slips or payment cards to which raised alarm bells , also a po box . Who ever this company is are a bunch of heartless B------ds! people are dying all over the world and who ever this is are thinking of scare tactics for money. SHAME ON YOU LC ASSET L S.A.RL OR WHATEVER YOU THINK YOU ARE. When i see an address on the next letter / When i see confirmation in writing /And when this world pandemic is over then i shall pay £1 pound a week to my debt, ( Link Financial Outsourcing LTD ) YOU MAKE MY STOMACH TURN , Absolutly Disgusting and shame on you. Some people dont even know what there fate is with this virus or there loved ones and your botherd about £211 pound . May i remind you ,you stated you were a a company in WALES . i live in Scotland law differs in debt collecting. i will use this to the full with our family solicitor , IT Doesnt get any worse than death, and we all facing it right now. Dont know how idiots like them can sleep at night, I am disabled and NOT STUPID, defo didnt need wound up today by whoever these krettens are , how do they sleep at night, folks check people like this out? im not happy this is a legit company as they dont know where they from lol. internet says Luxembourg. chap on phone says wales. Theres laws on English company's trying to get monies from Scotland worth checking out. if they confirm an address i will pay them as i say at a pound £1 a week and this has been accepted, sujest you all do same. As long as the queens heads on the money they cant refuse. they have now stated that they will freeze this account until the pandemics over. HOW NICE OF THEM, To late you jerked my chain and im here to shame your company. Heartless !! Least i can sleep tonight !! LC Asset l S.a.r.l is link financial Outsourcing LTD.
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