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  1. Ok thank you very much for your help. Hopefully then, it may not even come to that and he may be feeling better in a few weeks. It's all been so overwhelming for us as this is all completely new and we just don't have a clue what we are doing. I will certainly look up some information as best I can. Thanks again.
  2. Ok thank you both for replying, that is very helpful. As the work capability assessments are not happening does this mean there will be a delay for payment? I'm not sure how it works but I do know someone who was put into a "group" or something after the assessment and then he got paid whatever it is they pay you while you are not looking for work. Thank you
  3. Hi, I am looking for some advice please as we are not in the know at all with claiming benefits and it is all very new to us. My husband lost his job in March and we began a claim for new style JSA (contribution based) and Universal credit as I only work part time and we have one child. This has all been sorted and is being paid. However, we now have another problem. My husband has had a history on and off of depression since we lost our son several years ago and although he has needed medication and the odd bout of being off sick, he has always worked.
  4. Andrew.... I am glad it's not just me and my husband who are confused with all of this. He got made redundant on 19th March and I worked part time in a pub so none of us are at work at the moment so we applied for universal credit as we have a daughter. Someone on here advised that JSA (new style) might be an idea as its every fortnight even though it's deducted from the UC. He claimed the JSA on 26th March. We had a text to say someone would ring within 2 weeks. Nobody rang, no letter has come and we've heard nothing at all, which is understandable in
  5. Thank you. No it is my mum's house and she does no longer pay mortgage. She owns it but if and when anything happens to her (God forbid) it must be sold as she had equity release a few years back and so we will become homeless. The council tax is in her name and she pays full council tax. Yes I have had a look at the benefits calculator but our situation isn't really the norm so you can't quite explain it properly on there. Maybe I should ask CAB for advice. Thanks again.
  6. Hi, Husband lost his job on the 19th of this month and I work part time in a pub (currently waiting for this 80% wage to kick in) so will get around £100 per week for my wages. We have one child and have now applied for universal credit. We could not apply for housing costs/benefit whatever it is called because we live with my mother in her house. She is 72 and on pension. So....as we were paying my mum £500 per month to live in the house and towards the household bills, we will no longer be able to do this and it will put a massive strain on her finances. We can not c
  7. I don't know, I'm not clued up all on the legalities of things like this. I was worried that the administrators had more powers or could demand the goods back. Thank you I will have a read of the threads.
  8. I was going to go in the store this week to try and sort something out about lowering our payments as my husband lost his job just over a week ago and we are waiting to hear about universal credit. At this moment in time, until something is sorted we actually only have £113 a week income for a family of 3. What will happen if we just make token payments? Is there somewhere we can write to and explain the situation, I don't want anyone turning up at the door.
  9. Thank you for the reply. I am just wondering if it might then be a good idea to claim the JSA as I think our first payment for UC will probably be zero anyway as the assessment period will show that my husband received around 700 pounds from his employer...final pay, holidays owed etc and although it might sound great, it has only just about scraped to pay our bills for this month and so if I am right, we will have to now wait until the end of May before they actually pay us anything. If we also claim the JSA, we would still get paid that wouldn't we? And in the following months
  10. Hi, I am new here. I was directed to the forum by a friend who uses the site regularly and I would appreciate any help that I could get. I work part time in a pub, earning £119 per week. My husband has always worked full time but lost his job last week through redundancy. Because he swapped jobs 18 months ago he will not be entitled to any redundancy pay and with the current situation, the pub where I work is closed and my employer is sorting out with HMRC for 80% of my wages. So... we know absolutely nothing about claiming benefits as we have always worked.
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