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  1. Hi similar to it would seem to many other threads I have fallen foul of Harlands tactics I joined a x 4 less gym as I had work with a colleague in the area ( I'm a window cleaner he worked with me and went to this gym) joined Oct 18 . My friend moved down to London after 8 months and so I didn't either work in area or have a gym buddy however as I had been verbally told I needed to keep dd for a minimum of 12 months I left dd running even though it was impractical/ impossible to use facilities (10 miles minimum 30 minutes travel away from home) after 12 month period I cancelled dd believing no longer in contract next month I received an email stating 26/10/19 missed payment and charge £12.79 & £25 total £37.79 I contacted gym via phone and they said oh you've cancelled the wrong way ,you unfortunately will have to pay it ,so I did on 6/11 made a card payment to settle without any stress before holidays. Next month I received an identical email this time I drove down to gym and spoke to manager stating my issues I hadn't used gym in 6 months it wasn't practical to keep a membership going and I had already rung gym saying I wanted to cancel and paid the £37.79 on 6/11 he said he would email harlands. At this point I thought the matter settled however next month email with double fees and charges etc...... To date following similar story's I sent letters to both Harlands head office and X 4 less but still getting emails from now CRS wanting £179.87 1. My daughter posted letters with her company return address no reply as I don't have a computer no reply 2. I never saw initial email when I joined x4less or I might have known there was a rigmarole to cease membership 3. I didn't know there was an app for gym only when I rang CRS did he say they had an app if I'd known that I wouldn't have this issue What do I do now please help I always pay on time and what I owe but this is unfair thanks
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