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  1. £928.64 in total but not the sale fee. £75 compliance £190 stage one £13.87 1% fee £495 stage two £154.77 VAT
  2. They’ve charged for all the stages of enforcement they can (1&2)plus the compliance fee of £75. All without having any contact with me at all.
  3. The trace they used was the simplest E-trace and it came up with that address as I used it to get a new debit card delivered as the bank wont send cards internationally. I have a statement from a UK bank which shows my overseas address. Should I send a redacted copy of this to Andrew Wilson as evidence that I do not reside at the address on the writ and didn't at the time the writ was issued. Will this be sufficient to stop them knocking at the incorrect address ? They still haven't supplied a copy of the notice of enforcement or any documentation related to
  4. Here's the reply from Andrew Wilson: Dear xxxx We write further to your email dated 6 April 2020. Please find attached a copy of the letter sent from the Claimant to your email address. They have confirmed that the required methods of service to obtain the Judgment in respect of this Claim were followed. Once a Judgment was awarded a further trace was then conducted confirming that you were residing at the enforcement address. Following our attendances at that property, you have made contact with the Claimant directly and they are now in receip
  5. The Plot thickens.. Here is the response from the creditor: I thank you for your email of 24 March and apologise for not being able to respond earlier. I also acknowledge receipt of the payment of £1,360 in respect of the judgment debt. Unfortunately I cannot accept this as full payment. The Sheriff confirmed to you in their email of 13 March 2020 the judgment debt now stands £2,128.14. After deduction of the above payment there is a shortfall of £943.27. I require immediatae payment of this shortfall to avoid any further enforcement action against you. In re
  6. Sorry I’ve not been in this position before and now I’m really confused Peter. Am I liable for all the costs even for actions they have not taken ?
  7. So if I haven’t received the first notice saying I have seven days to pay can they just move onto to second action and charge me for it ? That’s my main point of contention. If I get them to follow the procedure and send my the 1st notification then I’ll Just pay the £70 and be done with it.
  8. I honestly don't know what I'm saying or how the process works, I just feel that emailing me isn't following the process. Adding the best part of 1k for sending an email seems excessive.
  9. It's just been paid and the follow up email to the solicitor has been sent, no reply as yet. I'll get that marked as satisfied as soon as the solicitor acknowledges receipt of payment. My plan is... that I now just ignore the agent and let it run 12 months as unsatisfied and then the original creditor has to re apply for another writ which I assume they won't do as the debt is paid.
  10. After receiving the copy of the writ. My issue is no enforcement notification was or has been given, Aren't they supposed to follow steps before accelerating charges ?
  11. Sorry, I left the UK 10 years ago the debt was within the statute barred period. I paid the bulk of a large bill off and must have overlooked the final payment.
  12. I was resident abroad at the time of the original CCJ and the subsequent transfer to a writ. It was legal costs for a messy divorce. The original solicitor says I owe it (I did)
  13. I received the copy of the original writ on the 13th March, It was a copy of the writ not the notice of enforcement. I've paid the original creditor as I owed them the money and don't dispute that, it was an oversight and their mails went to my spam folder. Paid it by bank transfer.
  14. Hi On the 10th March I received an email from Andrew Wilson advising me of a CCJ that had been transferred to a writ. The Judgement was by default as I left the UK 10 years ago and was addressed to my childhood home where my mum still resides. The sum includes charges for notification and enforcement, yet I was not resident at that address and have since sent them details of my last UK address and a copy of an (expired) residency permit overseas. The original email did not include notice of enforcement, on request they provided a copy of the writ of tra
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