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  1. Regarding pre-action correspondence from ELMS Legal, I just received this email off of themselves: Thank you for your email. I can confirm that I have sent you everything that we at ELMS Legal hold on file. It would have been Excel Parking Services Ltd who sent out the pre-action protocol documentation as we were passed the case after the county court judgment had been entered against you. Please also be advised that the case is now closed with ourselves and any further correspondence should be directed to Excel Parking Services Ltd.
  2. Okay, I will fire an email off to ELMS this evening. Is there a chance Excel would have used a different solicitor aside from ELMS to issue prelegal documents? There's nothing alluding to this in the SAR. Thanks
  3. Quick update, I received this email today off of Excel's paralegal regarding the incomplete SAR: We maintain our position that we have provided you with full disclosure and will not engage in any further communication in this regard. As you had been emailing myself, you had full disclosure of the email communication already and hence why copy emails were not provided to you in our response to your SAR. Please note that we do not hold copies of the communication between yourself and Elms Legal as this was sent to you from them directly, and not from ourselves.
  4. It doesn't indicate in the SAR where they got this new address from or why it was updated, maybe this is something I could find out?
  5. Just gone back through the SAR. On the 20th October 2016 there is a letter addressed to my correct address outlining the appeal procedure. The next correspondence was on the 04/11/2016 - 'Notice to the keeper/driver'. This was to the amalgamated/incorrect address. In the space between those 14 days between letters the address change. There is no reference in the SAR that would explain where this amalgamated address came from except for an event titled 'Ticket address updated'. In regards to any attempts made by Excel to comply with pre-action
  6. Yes, definitely happy to try the routes suggested to get this sorted! I did not receive a response for the second letter that was sent to the paralegal. Thanks
  7. I have just received the following response from the paralegal at Excel that I am dealing with: Dear XXX, We can confirm that we have furnished you with all of the data we hold on file. Kind regards. I wasn't expecting such a quick response. Thanks
  8. Yes sorry, I sent off an email to the litigations department at excel yesterday. I also sent a recorded letter off from the post office too. I didn't fancy just sending a normal first class one. Should I have sent the letter to Excel's paralegal who was dealing with the issue also? Thanks
  9. Thanks, will get this all sorted and printed out this weekend. I'll send it off on Monday due to the bank holiday yesterday. That'll give me a clear two weeks to work with to read up on putting a claim forward, setting up accounts and getting a draft sorted!
  10. Yes, okay. I had a good look through the SAR once more last night. There was quite a lot of communication missing: - Only one email was included in the SAR. This was on the 9th September 2016, the rest of the conversation was not included. Future emails and correspondence either from Excel or to myself were not included. -No documents relating to Excel's correspondence with ELMS Legal. - There was a query included in the SAR from Northampton County Court querying the address, however the SAR didn't include Excel's response back. -
  11. This was the last correspondence I received off of them (20th April 2020), around 16 days after I submitted the initial SAR. Does it make a difference at all that they've acknowledged there will be a delay due to COVID-19?
  12. A month has passed since I sent the request off to the DVLA regarding the SAR and nothing has returned so far. Would it be worth sending off a reminder to them? Thanks
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