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  1. Just received this email: We have done what was necessary by providing you with a Consent Order. It is your responsibility to file the Consent Order with the Court and we would advise that you liaise with the Court on the correct procedure in doing so. Unfortunately, we will not be covering any of your costs in relation to the matter. You were advised in a previous email that we would be willing to consent to any Application subject to you paying the Judgment amount of £155.00 by the specified date and each party bears their own costs. Please be advised that it was mutually agreed at Paragraph 3 of the Consent Order that there shall be no order as to costs. Kind regards. So do I continue on with the set aside by mutual consent OR do I file a seperate N244 motion?
  2. The original judgement in default was the 13th Feb so the 30 days would have expired on the 13th March
  3. Yes, that it was what mentioned on the email. 'We would be willing to consent to any Application to have the Judgment set aside subject to you paying the Judgment of £155.00 by 8 April 2020 4pm and each party bears their own costs. Please let us know as soon as possible if you are agreeable to the above. If so, and once payment is made, we will let you have a signed Consent Order by email for you to sign. Once you have signed the Consent Order, you will need to scan/return a copy to us so that we also have a copy. You will need to file the signed Consent Order with the Court. Please note that removing the CCJ is purely at the Court's discretion.' I have also asked for clarification of what the 155 pounds was for
  4. I'm having a complete panic. I don't have a direct number for the paralegal, but I do have a direct email. I'll send out an email now. Just sent an email to the paralegal I'm hoping that the evidence I do have, works to my favour. That it was not a case of credit cleansing, but a CCJ that was wrongly submitted against myself which goes back to Excel's faulty machine.
  5. I see - so do I still continue down this route or just enter a N244 against them?
  6. I'm very confused by all of this. Where exactly do I stand at the moment? Do I need to submit a N244 instead?
  7. Yes, I used a debit card. So, even though I paid the money, and both parties have signed. I won't have the CCJ revoked. The court said I needed to put in a cover letter as to why the CCJ should be removed. I definitely do not want this CCJ lingering around.
  8. There are a few figures floating around. The unresolved debt is 155 pounds. ELMS Legal added on their fees of 90 pounds and were initially increased to 245 pounds. I just phoned Northampton County Court and I need to pay them 100 pounds (presumably these are the legal fees that Excel mentioned in the letter) for it to be put before a judge.
  9. I've just received consent orders from Excel via email which they have signed. I've signed my side and sent them back to Excel. They also mentioned I needed to file them with the court, how do I go about this? I did have to pay 155 pounds but having it removed as soon as possible swayed me.
  10. Not in writing, but I have the time and date that a phone call was made to the operator. They've never admitted themselves that the machine was broken. I've just received the bank details at to where to send the 155 pounds to. I will do this now.
  11. I just tried to ring up with the phone number that was at the bottom of the email. The debt and litigation team are now working from home and the operator said that I would need to email back the original sender and ask for a direct number, which I have now done. He mentioned that he would be unable to take any sort of payment on that number. Hopefully I receive a reply with a direct number soon.
  12. They mentioned that it is at the courts discretion in whether it is removed, even if we both agree. Is there a big chance it will be denied?
  13. I received the SAR documents this morning in the post via ELMS Legal, which I've now uploaded as a PDF. The address is also incorrect on the SAR. 2 addresses in 1. I was also looking through my emails this morning, and I have received an email off of EXCEL, agreeing to a CCJ set aside to mutual consent. However I do have to pay the 155 pounds and my own legal costs. Thanks Having a bit of trouble uploading the 2nd part of the SAR pdf. I've had to upload it on a separate post. Sorry. It should be beneath this one. ELMS_SAR.pdf email.pdf
  14. Hi all, Quick update. I still haven't heard anything from Excel regarding the SAR. I'm hoping the one from Elms Legal will turn up tomorrow in the post!
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