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  1. Yes some of the text was different to others so I'm sure it was just copy and pasted. I have received an email which went out to everyone stating to ignore invoices and they will try to reduce fees due to the situation. I don't have any direct debit I would have to manually make a payment. I'm not interested in pursuing the days I have paid for but won't receive, as I understand that this situation ultimately is devastating for them. Just can't afford to pay them and stay at home
  2. Hi All, I posted a post last week regarding my nursery who have had to partially close due to the coronavirus pandemic. They have told me that as of today they are unable to offer a place for my child. Yet they are still expecting payment for next months fees £900 I spoke to citizens advice today who advised me that under consumer rights, they may have actually broken their contract as they are unable to offer care. There clause covering extraordinary circumstances causing them to close is an unfair term. I have written to them stating the above and that I now consider our contract null and void and that I will be making no further payments. I had an email back from the owner wishing me the best stating it's a shame I have had to give notice.. Do you suspect that she will try and peruse next months fees?
  3. I am happy to find a childminder as I feel that the standard of the nursery has dropped since we started. She is also now having to transition into the 2 plus part of the nursery. Which has different staff. So I'm happy to loose my nursery place. I spoke to a former employee of the nursery who said that she didn't think the nursery had a leg to stand on in regards to pursuing the funds if they can't deliver the service
  4. Hi thanks for your feedback. It is a private nursery so it doesn't fall under an academic year. So in the contract I have to give them one months notice. So in normal circumstances I would have to pay £780 for 3 days a week for the notice period. However I'm not withdrawing my child. They are no longer offering me care. And remaining open for key workers. So I suspect they are actually in breach of our contract. So I believe no notice on my end needs to be given? I think I shall write them a letter stating that as they are no not able to offer the service that I'm giving notice of the ens of our agreement effective immediately. And yes they charge a £20 late payment fee.
  5. Dear All, I'm new to this group. I have a problem with my nursery. As I'm sure you are all aware of. Nurseries are not allowing non essential workers to bring their children to nursery from Monday. However they have asked me for full payment for next month. They charge £1,300 for full time. My daughter is currently in 3 days a week. In the terms and conditions it stated: In exceptional circumstances, there may be an event which triggers the closure of the nursery. In these circumstances we will not be held responsible and will not issue refunds for such forced closures. I am not expecting a refund but want to know if I am liable for paying them under the clause of me giving them one months notice to withdraw my child. Issue Is I'm not withdrawing her. They are not accepting her. Any advice as to weather they can potentially enforce this and take me to court would be grately appreciated
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