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  1. On 22/02/2020 a Penalty Charge Notice was served by Civil Enforcement Officer to my vehicle on the grounds of the following; 'Parked in a residents' or shared parking place or zone without a valid virtual permit or clearly displaying a valid physical permit' On 22/02 a number of parking suspensions were in place and the disabled parking space was suspended. I then parked my car in front of a large working vehicle covering large parking space at 16.00 hrs. I displayed disabled badge, came back in approx 18 minutes to have found that large vehicle was replaced by a smaller car, a sig
  2. many thanks to you both for replying. I guess you live and learn, I never had such ticket and mis-read that PHV drivers can drop off passenger on a bus stop. Now I realise that I only read part of it and there are certain where you can't so it is my fault and I will have to take responsibility. thank you bankfodder for kind words. This is indeed the case as last week and this I have burnt more fuel and expenses than earn anything really and doesn't look like I will be working for next few weeks but hopefully it will all be over soon. I have settled the ticket via credit
  3. Hi, I am in need of some assistance please. I am a full time student and funding my studies with flexible work (Private hire vehicle driver with Uber). On 19/01/2020 at 3 pm I had a job picked up from Hounslow and drop off at Hounslow East Tube Station. The customer had booked this job as she had difficulty walking and particularly requested if I could drop her as close as possible. Unfortunately there isn't a suitable area immediately around Hounslow West Station where i could have dropped her and I literally had stopped on the bus stop a
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