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  1. I was not able to get my money back but we should work together to put these people down they have to pay if there is away we can all contact each other
  2. I did report to the bank they investigated the other people sent them evidence and the Gallery showed them evidence that we had purchased something that we had and agreement which we had not made . Was not there . So they took the money
  3. Yes i did report i have been given no help at all not even has my case been looked at my bank didn't help me they took 25000 from me its sad i am officially broke working for that money was had we really need to be helped
  4. We should contact each other so that we get help
  5. The Ga11ERY ,26A Market Place ,Fitzrovia ,W1W 8AW
  6. This people did the same to me This happened to my i contacted my bank they tried to help but they told them how we want free pictures how sad we paid 2500 for pictures can you imagine this people have no hearts or souls I was looking for a modeling Agency . i found the ga11ery modeling agency i made an appointment i was invited they made me pay 50pounds as a deposit told me it would be refunded. told us it was a test photoshoot to see if we would make it on their team . I was there with a few other people who had come in . After the
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