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  1. The email is from the financial ombudsman, I’m not going to post his name publicly.
  2. Here is the email from the ombudsman as I have sent a few emails to asg but they haven’t responded to them.
  3. Not sure how to pdf it as doing it from a phone. A shade greener are concerned that once they’ve paid me said compo and taken the restriction off that I will then refuse to give them the boiler which couldn’t be further from the truth as I’d happily gift wrap it for them.
  4. The FOS decision is very recent and as ASG have agreed to the remedy then this ruling won’t be available to read on the fos website as it’s not gone to a final decision. The remedy has not been carried out due to the issue of coronavirus and social distancing so once this is over the boiler will be removed and the charge/compensation will be paid.
  5. I’d not read the final response in my cloud notifications, infact I did not receive the original response until it landed on my doormat on the 01/11/2018.
  6. In March 2016 I took out a boiler from a shade greener on a conditional sale for 10 years was approximately £40 per month for 10 years It sounded a bit expensive but they advised that all parts and labour would be covered over that 10 years. Also an annual safety check which sounded great as it took away the worries of the boiler breaking down and replacing with expensive parts. Plus they said they would power flush it so I went ahead. And also they had a call out of a maximum of waiting 24 hours. The whole installation and power flush took approx 4.5 hours.
  7. Sorry to jump On the thread but the initial ruling is done by an adjudicator and then you can appeal and get a final decision off the ombudsman. Asg initially appealed mine but then I went to gas safe and supplies extra evidence which changed my redress.
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