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  1. They got back to me a couple days ago and it seems everything is okay. I just overthink too much. I really appreciate the help all of you have given I hope everyone is safe and well
  2. Sorry I didn't see the extra bit Did she get hers by text or something else? Mine had the hours they wanted and my store so I thought it was personal. Mass mailing would make sense though, but as they replied the first time I texted back and then after saying they would put me forward then didn't that's what worried me.
  3. Ok thank you for you help, I am trying but I just get paranoid I really appreciate you taking the time to reply
  4. Hi, I apologise for coming back but I'm really worried about everything again, and I wanted to ask if you guys are sure that nothing will happen in the future (of course Im aware you can only give your best advice and information but nothing is completely definite). I know from all the threads you guys reassure everyone that the prevention company can't do anything so its stupid to ask again. However after I quit from the previous employer that this happened in the branch of, I got a temp job for the holidays, at a popular supermarket chain; around two weeks ago they contacted and
  5. Okay I might try it, but I don’t know I feel like the money is owed in general. If I do I’ll donate it or something. Thanks you again for the fast replies and advice x
  6. I would do that but I’m worried they will start contacting me again. I don’t want them to contact the retailer and spark an investigation because I paid then unpaid, and especially since it’s not like this was a first time incident. I feel like if anyone was unlucky enough to be taken to court it would be me, so I don’t know if I want to test my luck. And although I used the last of my savings, I’m content knowing no more action is likely to come my way. Thank you for trying to help though x
  7. We payed online on their website and at the end of last month.
  8. Hello, Firstly, thank you guys so much for taking the time to answer so quickly, and also sorry DX for the bad grammar haha. With regards to what DX said about the retailer seeing none of the money I paid, I read on other forums that 40% goes to rl.p while 60% goes to the retailer; is this not true then? Of course it doesn’t affect me now as I’ve already given my money to them, but I’m just curious as rl.p states that they collect the money for the retailer. Also @LPG, it isn’t harsh at all. Although it has caused me a lot of mental suffering, I am also glad
  9. Hi, I would first of all like to thank anyone who replies in advance for their help, and also apologise you have to deal with me and my stupidity. Also I want to abstain from posting any identifiers just in case, so sorry if this is confusing. So over a month ago now, my 2 friends and I (all 17) were caught by a major retailer (the cheap one) for shoplifting. Earlier that day, we had gone into that same store that caught us but a different branch and I had taken a £6 top; I have no idea why I did it, I didn't need it and wasn't planning to but my friends who had taken things rushed
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