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  1. What do you make of this. New meter fitted on 11/6/19 Prepayment meter fitted on 19/11/19. From npower. Am I losing the battle? Can someone help me please? Parker 802777077 Readings.docx
  2. This is a copy of the latest email The accuracy of your original meter was tested and this meter was found to be 7.62% slow. This means your meter was under recording your actual usage. It is not npower's responsibility to explain how you have used the electricity, only to ensure your meter accurately recorded this and you are accurately billed for this. Our investigation confirmed that you were under charged for usage on the meter in place until 11/06/19. It is not possible for your meter to correct itself after going wrong. Your usage returned to average levels between the higher usage periods and this confirms that your meter has accurately recorded the higher usage and you have a responsibility to pay for this usage. The balance incurred due to this is now being recovered via your pre-payment meter. Please confirm what outcome you feel would be reasonable to your complaint by return and if we can agree to this we will. If we cannot I will refer your complaint to our final response team and they will email you with our final response.
  3. Hi the first meter reading is correct and was taken by the inventory company. I believe the first meter was running fast not slow.
  4. I have asked for a copy of the report this was their response "This is the information provided by the engineer who carried out the portable meter accuracy test on your original meter: 'Performed MAT – MSN) F79E009062 type= CREDIT constant/pulse= 150 Revs= 10. Volts= 238.90 stdrd time= 56.71. act time= 61.03. difference= 4.32 meter accuracy= 7.62% SLOW. read 01) 6067' There is not a report prepared other than the above information. Please note that once a meter is removed from a property one of two things happens to it within weeks. It is either sent for scrap and recycling or it is checked, refurbished and placed into another home - either way it will no longer be available for testing. As the first meter you had was recording slow this will have been scrapped/recycled immediately. Also " "As you can see on the usage analysis other than the periods 01/10/17 to 22/05/18 and 22/11/18 to 12/03/19 when your usage is 73-79 units per day you have used between 19 and 49 units per day on average (depending on the time of year). The periods of higher usage have both been in the winter. When we see this sort of variation in usage the most likely explanation is the use of an additional heating appliance, or an existing appliance having to be used more intensively/for longer times. I appreciate that this increased usage is not evident during the winter of 2019/2020 when you had the pre-payment meter in place, this is quite a common occurrence as when you are having to credit the meter to keep it topped up for your usage it naturally makes you more conscious of high usage appliances and will likely use these less or not at all to keep your costs down. Bearing this in mind and the fault reported with the original meter the usage recorded across all three meters is comparable and would not indicate any other fault with the replacement meter or the pre-payment meter. As you have not reported a fault with the pre-payment meter and the usage that is recording I presume you are satisfied this is recording accurately, if this is the case then you must also accept that the replacement meter in place from 11/06/19 to 19/11/19 was also accurate as this has recorded similar usage" I Have sent this First Meter - Electric First Meter - Gas 27 November 2018 - 10 January 2019 = 2925 - units used 28 Nov 2018 - 29520 - meter reading 17 May 2019 - 30993 - meter reading total days = 171 days 1473 units used = 8.61 a day 16 January 2019 - 24 January 2019 = 1127 - units used 17 Febuary 2019 - 12 March 2019 =1608 - units used total days = 76 days 5660 units used = 74.47 a day. prepayment meter readings - Electric Prepayment meter readings - Gas 19 November 2019 - 12180-meter reading 19 November 2019 - 362 - meter reading 26 January 2020 - 14641-meter reading 19 April 2020 - 1995 - meter reading 19 February 2020 15541-meter reading total days = 152 days total days = 92 days 3361 units used = 36.53 a day 1663 units used = 10.94 a day Can anyone assist me please
  5. Ok sorry. Email from Npower "We have been advised by the local Meter Operator that an engineer visited your home on 20 May 2019 and successfully performed a Meter Accuracy Portable Test on your electricity meter. The results of the meter test in their report was: Performed MAT MSN F79E009062 type CREDIT constant pulse 150 Revs 10. Volts 238.90 standard time 56.71. act time 61.03. difference 4.32 meter accuracy 7.62 SLOW. read 06067. Therefore, the meter was registering the electricity incorrectly as it was running slow. As this is outside of tolerance levels, we would require for the meter to be replaced so we would appreciate if you could advise us when you are available after 7 June 2019 for an engineer to exchange your meter."
  6. I will thank you. From 11/6/19 when they replaced the meter you can see the usage is reading a lot less. ME = my reading Np = N Power reading
  7. I will ask for those missing readings and bills. I don't know why it is a large usage 1/10/17 TO 24/4/18. Nothing unusual used. I still believe it is their fault and old meter faulty. They said it was running slow but I've not seen a report?
  8. Hi Please see spreadsheet I have done. Any help/comments will be appreciated. Thank you. N Power 2.5.20.xlsx
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