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  1. Thanks for the answer, I am not sure what you are referring to as OP, but But basically, she needs to go through a background check process for a particular matter and the organisation that is conducting the check is very particular about how the individuals in question are respecting the law. So even a very minor motoring offence like this matters.
  2. Hi all, I'm looking for your help with a very serious issue, which looks very minor in the first place. I recently stopped in a bus stop for a few seconds to drop off a passenger. A few days later, a PCN came to our address. But because my wife is the registered keeper of the car, the PCN is issued to her name despite me being the driver at the time. For clarification, this is the only car we own and we share it together. The problem here is that, for a very specific reason, this PCN could have very serious consequences for my wife. I need to change the name on the PCN to myself
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