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  1. Point taken. Thank you all for helping me with this. Especially BankFodder for helping prep the defence as I was struggling with words, as English not my first language. I'll update on the outcome.
  2. Hi BankFodder, I have ignored all the letters from CPM and Gladstones. The only time I responded to this matter was when I filled in the AOS online. Thank you, barassnecked. I'll have a look into that link.
  3. own space.pdfHi It was a windscreen ticket. AOS has been done. CPR not sent. Do I still send this, considering I've only got 5 more days to do my defence? Exact wording on Schedule 1 The rights for the Purchaser and all persons authorised by it ( in common with all others having a similar right):- 9. to the exclusive use of the parking space comprised within the Management Land and numbered with the plot number relating to the Property and coloured blue on the Plan for the purpose of parking a private motor vehicle not exceeding 3 tonnes in weight. I've al
  4. Name of the Claimant :UK Car Park Management Limited Claimants Solicitors: Gladstones Date of issue –12 FEB 2020 Date for AOS - 25 FEB 2020 Date to submit Defence - 13 MAR 2020 What is the claim for – 1.'The driver of the vehicle with registration ******* (the 'Vehicle') parked in breach of the terms of parking stipulated on the signage (the 'Contract') at Campbell Fields - Campbell Fields Aldershot GU11 3TY, on 22/04/2019 thus incurring the parking charge (the 'PCN'). 2.The PCN was not paid within 28 days of
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