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  1. Hello all, Thanks for the continuing advice. I posted my letter to ELMS and they received it. Today I have received an 'evidence file' from ELMS solicitors! Lucky me.. I have attached the main parts- the cover letter and the front page of the 'service agreement' between VCS and the airport in the PDF attached. They have sent me copies of EVERY SINGLE no stopping sign, bus stop sign, traffic camera warnings etc etc- the paperwork is endless! I also have been sent birds eye view maps of the airport with each zone. They have sent new copies of ever
  2. Hello @FTMDave Thanks for merging the threads. I figured it would be the same response again- I'll dig out my last copy of the old letter, re-date and send with proof. I wondered previously if I should mention the zebra crossing- but left it out of the generic response as I didn't want to fluff it up! I'll put that in there with a snotty remark of some sort. As if they would ever easily be able to prosecute someone for stopping at a crossing.. Cheers!
  3. I couldn't find a way to reopen my thread and I couldn't use the message function as I have uploaded less than 11 items. So here I am on a new thread, apologies if I have missed something to reopen the old one. I hope you're all well and coping in this current climate- we're now in Lockdown 2.0 and these VCS guys are coming back at me. I read somewhere that every 6 months or so they dig out old unresolved cases and have another go... I have now received ANOTHER LBC. This is my second. This time it isn't from VCS' legal dept but instead is from ELMS legal
  4. Thanks, ericsbrother. As I said to honeybee- I deliberately tried to stay away from mentioning solicitors- I've read so many posts and know it isn't relevant. Luckily that's why it's great that I can ask for all of your expert eyes to have a look first. I'm really grateful for all of your help- I know this can be fought but it's still new territory.. I am going to post today- after doing the last necessary edits- unsure if the Post Office is open due to COVID-19- that's where I'm headed first for POP but I may well have to film myself clearly posting into a post box!! I c
  5. Thanks, honeybee- I will wait for the others responses. I was trying to stay away from solicitor bits as I've read plenty of posts which say to remove.. I looked everything up as I went too and still managed to leave that in. You are right- it needs to go..
  6. So- after trying to 'ignore' this issue to enjoy my Easter weekend I have sat down to join together various letters I have read from these forums. I have tweaked slightly in order to not sound repetitive but please just let me know if it's too much/not enough etc etc (as I'm sure you will..) Attached as PDF, also below: Re – Parking Charge Notice at Southend Airport. Dear Simple Simon, I will not be paying your demand. As you know, there is no liability in this matter because the land at Southend Airport is covered by its own bylaws an
  7. Hi all, Received the letter before claim today. I know I need to reply with a snappy letter but do I send back all of these forms they have sent? Is the snappy letter sent after an LBA? I haven't received an LBA- only this LBC. In all the posts I've read I've never heard anything about the standardised forms being included. Am I now at the point where I need to start writing a defence for court? I have read so many posts and seen SO MUCH advice from a lot of different users, it's hard to make sense of it sometimes. Many thanks, NKM24
  8. Also- @dx100uk thanks for editing my PDF. I think my phone/laptop managed to merge 2 different PDFs as the first PDF I created wasn't edited at all.
  9. Thanks, I am aware to wait for the LBA. I just wanted to share finally as it is starting to get to the 'super big red writing'. I know from all of your previous advice that the 'red writing' is meant to be SO SCARY and threatening etc etc. Rubbish! The only reason I am ignoring it all at all is through finding this forum and reading up. I have an email filled with great information ready to post off to them when I get to LBA stages with a mixture of different people's contests and so on. Thanks for the great advice. I shall be donating to the site when all
  10. For PCN's received through the post [ANPR camera capture] 1 Date of the infringement 11/01/2020 2 Date on the NTK [this must have been received within 14 days from the 'offence' date] Original: 17/01/2020 FINAL REMINDER: 17/02/2020 DEMAND FOR PAYMENT: 04/03/2020 FINAL DEMAND: 19/03/2020 Uploaded Original PCN only to avoid confusion initially. [scan up BOTHSIDES as ONE PDF- follow the upload guide] 3 Date received Initial PCN around 20/01/2020 (unsure now) Latest 'FINAL DEMAND' 25/03/2020 4 Does the NTK menti
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