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  1. Purchasing the freehold for my property being a house with gardens and garage. The current leasehold title is part of a larger title plan for the area. I have a TP1 provided by the selling council with all the details filled in except signatures. I have a AP1 form and uncertain on 4 issues. (2) Here is it the leasehold title or greater title plan entered together . (3) As the leasehold title is part of a larger title plan, should I mark 'part of the title' (4) I take it as the land ownership is being transferred, the applica
  2. Wishing to purchase my Freehold from my local council. I know the value and fee to sell the Freehold to me. Do I need a Solicitor or not to act for me to purchase the Freehold when I already know the costs from the council
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