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  1. After posting the N1 claim form to the defendant's limited company registered office, which box do I tick on the N215 certificate of service? There is no option for registered office. The closest is "principal office of the company". But, this company only has a registered office just to exist as a legal entity with no physical presence. The same address is used by loads of other companies as an address for companies house only. There are no staff at that address and no other place of business or trading. Surely, there should be an option on the form as i
  2. Thanks. I chose option (b). I think sending the PAPLOC again to their ltd office address when I know they already got it is probably not required. So, the next step is to serve it. In case this might help someone else with the same question... Part 6 , 6.20 III SERVICE OF DOCUMENTS OTHER THAN THE CLAIM FORM IN THE UNITED KINGDOM OR IN SPECIFIED CIRCUMSTANCES WITHIN THE EEA says: (2) A company may be served – (a) by any method permitted under this Part; and (b) by any of the methods of service permitted under the Companies Act 200
  3. Spring last year sent pre action letter to one of the main offices being used by the company but not their official registered office ltd company address. Filed claim form to court which they issued to me in december so that I can serve them. I have the papers and want to be sure I have complied with pre-action rules before I go further and serve them. Sorry about that. I was initially only trying to find out if sending to any address used by a company is compliance with the pre-action rules. If I have not complied then I will need to take steps
  4. Oh dear. Does the original pre-action letter expire if I delay issuing proceedings? Not much has changed in the dispute. I thought the letter was valid, so the proceedings were issued in december but have not been served yet.
  5. Thank you for quick reply. I sent it way back last spring. I know they received it because I sent a SAR to the same address recently and it was there. Practice direction pre-action conduct and protocols 6(a) says you must: "(a) the claimant writing to the defendant with concise details of the claim..." I am not sure if the address I sent the letter to is good enough to comply. When it comes to service of the claim form there are strict rules under part 6. I did not send the letter of claim to the registered office but instead sent it to anoth
  6. Hello, Just need to make sure I have complied with pre-action protocol. I sent a pre-action letter to the defendant to one of their larger offices, the one where they process various admin and I have corresponded with in the past. There was no reply. The company is a limited company, so it turns out that I must serve proceedings to the Ltd office address to be sure I have served correctly. This is a different address to where I sent the pre-action letter. Can they argue that not sending the pre-action letter to the registered office means that: 1. I ha
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