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  1. Hi, I have just got off the phone from 2 very frustrating calls with Uber customer services. I have to go to London today from SE3 and take my wife to hospital for an eye injection as she has wet eye macular degeneration syndrome which requires (wait for it and not for the squeemish) injections into her eyes - both of them. Going by public transport is not a favourable option so we considered taking a cab. I called uber to find out if the quote on their app which was for £19.25 would have any further charges added to it given there are congestion charges being reapplied
  2. Thanks Duchess, One slight correction for which I must apologise: The Document you need to ask Swift for is called the 'Actuarial Accrual Account Summary sheet', not the Actuarial Account Summary sheet. Sorry about that. So, you have an Unregulated Loan Agreement which means at the time of execution was not regulated by the Consumer Credit Act 1976 because it was over £25k. 1) Were any of the previous loans (the car loan for example) secured on your property as a second charge loan? if so, 2) was it a condition of Swift Advances
  3. What does it say across the top of the Agreement? Is this a Loan 'REGULATED BY THE CONSUMER CREDIT ACT 1976' or an 'UNREGULATED' Agreement?
  4. If you are putting anything up on here make sure the whole personal detail is redacted so nobody can identify you. That includes the usual of names, addresses and personal detail, but also bar-codes and account numbers, date of the agreement etc as Swift troll these sites. The least they know the better.
  5. What you require from Swift is a full statement of account from day 1. The way to get that with 100% of the transactional detail is to ask them for an 'Acutarial Account Summary Sheet', do not just ask for 'a Statement' use the aforesaid name specifically. You also need it as an A5 sized document not A4 because an A4 (normal photocopy size) will not be easy to read as the type -face is too small. That will give you the evidence of any monies in and out of the account, any costs applied any interest applied, the dates of same and solicitor costs (if any). The
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