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  1. Hey guys just thought to update you, I requested police access and they advised that this is a non-recordable offence. Hence, this does not appear on a DBS (standard or enhanced). My employers did an enhanced DBS and the conviction does not appear. I am so relieved and happy. Thank you so much guys. I don't advise doing what I did... But if you find yourself in a position such as mine, just follow the advice from this forum and know that a conviction like mine it WILL NOT appear. I have mad love for this forum, been such a massive lesson learnt
  2. Oh my gosh really. Thats so bad. I know I am really thankful that I ddnt get charged with fraud. I honestly thought that I would've. Thats why I thought to share what happened. Prayer and humbleness really helped me and ofc this forum.
  3. Thank you for responding. So would the offence listed above be what appears on a DBS?
  4. Thank you so much for responding. Yes I paid the fine online but I have not heard back from them regarding if they received it. I will try to contact them again on Monday
  5. I used a fake 16+ Oyster card for over a year that I obtained through a friend who was trying to help. I was desperate, stupid and struggling financially at the time. I got caught on the bus, panicked and lied to the Inspector about my age who then took down my details. After explaining how I obtained the card, I received a court summons. I came to this website and used your lovely advice and other people's experiences to draft a letter asking for an OOC settlement. This was declined twice. I just want to shout out to everyone that took the time to post their stories on here and all you people who gave advice as you helped me so much. I really struggled with mental my mental health and had to be put on medication. I pleaded guilty with an apology letter to the court but for unforeseen circumstances did not attend court. I made sure to keep the court updated throughout. A few weeks later I received the (attached) document. Do you know if I will get a criminal record? When I called the court the gentleman I spoke to said he was not sure but did not specify who to speak to. Look forward to hearing from you guys.
  6. Thank you for responding @honeybee13. I have beens struggling to find the right topic category that has delayed me posting. I cant find the public Transport Category
  7. I am just curious what happened with your case and the judgement from the court
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